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Laptop crashed even after a factory restore?

My laptop would freeze and crash and I was barely able to get a few minutes of use out of it at one point. The most common error was a Kernel inpage error. When I was trying to do a restore, I had to try several times due to random error messages. While rebooting my computer before I actually managed to get to do a restore I got a message that basically said it had an issue communicating with a drive on my computer, whether it be a usb port or something of that nature, and if that I didn't have anything connected it was probably the CD drive or hardrive giving me an issue. I went ahead and tried the restore anyway. After I got everything set up, my computer was working beautifully again. I used dell's data safe thing to store all my files so I was set. After about two days of use it crashed on me again, same kernel inpage error. Its frozen a few times but that's it. I'm worried it'll get really bad again soon. Is it just a worn out part or something?

I use a Dell insirpon n5040, running windows 7 home premium

2 Answers

  • 8 years ago

    Time for a new hard drive and a clean install of the factory image on it - the only two times I've had trouble with a clean install of a factory image was when the power went out in the middle and when the hard drive was failing.

    If you don't have the recovery set of optical disks - try getting at least the operating system (disk #1) and a driver recovery disk for the Dell Inspiron n5040 off eBay or Amazon. Check the price with a full set of disks from Dell for comparison - but if you aren't the registered owner - you won't be able to buy a replacement set.

    Is it at all possible that you might be able to burn a set before this hard drive dies entirely?

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I believe it might be the hard drive, usually HD most likely would not fail, but in some case they HD would have bad sectors and would not read properly. Try replacing the drive.

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