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Calculus Sequence question?

In general im confused with this stuff so if you have any gneral overall tips I wouldnt mind hearing that stuff too.

the specific problem is-

Determine whether or not the sequence an=nr^n where |r|<1 converges or not?

I realize if i look at the limit then i get inf*0 and if i rearrange to n/(r^-n) i get inf/inf and should be able to apply L'Ho

this is where i start getting lost...from what i can remember ...

lim n->inf: 1/(r^-n ln(r)) which would give me 1/-inf.....does this then equal 0 that is 1/something growing infintely larger?


appologies i left out most of the lim n-> notation but ti think you get the idea...

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  • ted s
    Lv 7
    8 years ago
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