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Why is Eric Johnson so boring to watch?

I LOVE Cliffs of Dover by him.. I can play bits and pieces of it and I just think it's a really fun song. I mean, he's a musical genius in general.. but he's SO boring.

I also LOVE Steve Vai. I think he's great. He's a musical genius AND has great stage presence! He's a preformer, his preformances are entertaining to watch!

I don't understand why someone with Eric Johnoson's talent can be SO boring. I know it's his style or whatever.. but I mean.. frankly.. he seems kind of.. lame? I mean.. no he doesn't have to be a crazy rock personality but.. he's just not interesting.

Why is he so boring and why didn't he ever decide to develop some stage personality?

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    You kind of answered your own question, really.

    He plays great but is a dud to watch. Another guy like that is Joe Bonnamassa. He is a good player but it all blends together and he just stands there. Joe Satriani, too. I get bored after three songs, because it's really all the same darn song.

    I also had the pleasure of working with a very talented, awesome guitar player. He could play damn near anything. But, he stood like he had a stick up his butt. He never got excited he never moved around, he didn't bop his head even a little. Nothing.

    He used to tell me he didn't really need a singer(me, when I would ask to get more pay for a gig) That he could play a 9pm to 2am gig just playing guitar solos.

    And as it turned out he couldn't. Physically he could, but it turned out no one wanted to see a band that played mostly instrumentals and the only singer was the keyboard player who looked like Mr. Rogers and also had a bland personality. After I left the band, he took over as best he could, but within 6 months all the gigs we used to have dried up and now he's playing small bars and bowling alleys up in Reno.

    So, yeah, it doesn't matter how good you are if you are not fun to watch. At least I added flavor as an energetic front man who played percussion, keyboards, guitar and sang with conviction and animation.

    Some guys just don't have the dramatic flair needed to visually stimulate a crowd and think their playing is enough.

    Steve Vai is the only guy I'd want to see a whole show of just playing guitar.

    Source(s): 44 yrs guitarist, vocalist/former pro musician
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