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Who is the actor that looks like a rat?

I know he is a white male with black eyes and hair with a face that is similar to a rats. He may have been in a CSI episode once? Does anyone know his name?

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  • 7 years ago
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    John Snyder looks like a skinny rat in the part of Freddy in K-9 and in Crocodile Dundee too. He has acted in lots of television shows. He doesn't always look like a rodent but in some things the rat look is quite remarkable especially when he has his hair a little long and slicks it back.


    The Box Featured Rick Pepin/Imageworks

    Eraser Featured Chuck Russell/Warner

    True Believer Featured Joe Ruben/Columbia

    K-9 Featured Rod Daniel/ Universal

    Tough Guys Don't Dance Starring Norman Mailer/Cannon

    Crocodile Dundee Featured Peter Faiman/Paramount

    Sid and Nancy Featured Alex Cox/Goldwyn

    Hard Choices Starring Rick King/ Lorimar

    No Mercy Featured Richard Pearce/Tristar

    Exposed Featured James Toback/ MGM/UA

    Jimmy Zip Featured Robert McGinley

    Tattoo Featured Bob Brooks/ Fox


    Wiseguy Recurring CBS

    Star Trek:TNG Guest Star Paramount

    Vietnam War Stories Co-Star Rick King/HBO

    Professional Man Co-Star Nick Kazan/HBO

    Babylon 5 Guest Star Warner

    Crime Story Guest Star Leon Ichaso

    Miami Vice

    and EDIT:

    You have me thinking on it - how about John Turturro ? He can look pretty ratty too.

    Or the fellow from um ah The Birdcage - Hank Azaria ?

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  • 7 years ago

    that's master splinter from a 90's show called "mutant turtles" and he's not a actor he's a fictional chacracter, for the movie they put a real man inside of a rat costume to do the scenes in, maybe that's where you're getting confused.

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  • 7 years ago

    There was a movie "Wilard" the lead actor who had something with rats actually looked like rats, he was also in Chalies Angel....

    here is the link

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  • 7 years ago


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