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Recommended computer parts?

Ok so im thinking of building my own computer, but i want to know what some good computer parts are. I will be using the internet sometimes, but mostly i will be playing minecraft, so i want a LOT of fps(frames per second). So before you start listing a ton of good parts, i do have 1 question, to get loads of fps i need a higher video card correct?

So this is the hard disk drive (HDD) i plan to use, its the 2TB one.

These RAM sticks also look like a good choice

Now what else??? Please try to tell me good parts, im not telling a budget because i just want to see what kind of parts you all use without having you think about keeping it low priced, also please make sure it is compatible with the RAM sticks and HDD i have chosen, Thanks!


referring to the first answer, i will not buy a pre built computer or a computer from a place where i can choose parts, i am building my own computer, please recommend parts to use with these parts and that are good, thank you

3 Answers

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