How accurate is Google Maps?

Google Maps allows you to place your mouse pointer over the corner of a plot of land or lot and right click to get the Lon/Lat coordinates. My question is how accurate are these to the actual survey maps for that land/lot?

I'd like to be able to "ballpark" the corners of the various parcels of land I'm considering purchasing and then go find them using my iPhone. Many of these are in forests or fields with no obvious survey markers and no easy way of knowing just where you are.


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  • 7 years ago
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    Google Maps is almost always accurate to a few meters. But the survey coordinates can be quite a bit different because of difference coordinate systems. If your survey says the northwest corner is at 41d 31' 01.733" N, 120d 40' 55.631" W, which precise system of latitude/ longitude is it using?

    Google uses WGS-84 coordinates. Most land surveys in the USA use the North American Datum-1927, while some newer ones use NAD-1983. For many purposes, NAD-1983 is the same as WGS-84, but shifts of a meter or so are common.

    The differences between NAD-1927 and WGS-84 can reach 100 meters on the west coast. If your land survey links back to something before the 1927 datum, it could have even larger differences. (For example, the 1803 Washington Meridian, used in parts of Mississippi.)

    A local professional surveyor knows about things, and how to convert between various systems. He can pin-point the legal location of a corner to within 1/4th of an inch.

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    Google Maps Accuracy

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    Sometimes Google maps is wrong. I have had it send me to the wrong place a few times. I'd suggest trying a few different map providers. There are different companies that provide the addresses/street layouts, and some are not updated as quickly. I had to call those people for 3 years to get my street added to Google maps. Call shop and ask where they are. Sometimes the addresses are just off a bit.

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    Pretty accurate, believe it or not, but it can make huge mistakes at times, so it's always best to do some verification using a real map.

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  • 6 years ago

    I put in three cities and got 587 miles. Then when I put them in separate like City A to City B then City B to City C the total miles then showed up as 490

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