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Usually it s proven fact (not from movies) that spies are very intelligent people who have vast knowledge .?

on world politics,languages,local cultures and other things like this?I mean spies from everywhere? historically it seems in the 20th century there are many examples of them I think..?

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    Actually, the opposite. Most spies are of average intelligence, with access to information that is of value. Some may indeed rate as experts, most are just pencil or paper pushers. The fact that so many took so long to count says less about their intelligence than their being methodical in taking precautions in being caught. And it also says something about the agencies they penetrated that it took so long to catch them.

    The vast majority of spies are people who provide very small bits of information to those they work for, while other spies collate the information and extract useful information from them. The media can't seem to resist portraying spies as more than they are, which is usually greedy, self centered people with little or no regard for their fellow citizens.

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    NO. Go read some of the declassified history of the CIA and other govt spy agencies. Many, many of those people were (and probably are) completely delusional lunatics, career criminals, con men, and deeply stupid bureaucrats. It's actually shocking. You'd assume the agencies would attract logical and scientific people, but they don't, they attract the people who write World Nut Daily and InfoWars articles. If they disbanded all spy agencies, there would be zero effect, because they have zero effect. They're useless, incompetent and/or nutjobs as a rule.

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    No they are No more efficient than anyone else Jut because the specialist In one Trade just makes them the same as any other Professional

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    You need to be more specific with your question – agents and spies are different things – the collectors of information do not necessarily have to understand it or its significance.

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    Not all spies. Mata Hari is the perfect example of a very, very dumb spy.

    See: "Mata Hari" - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-474631/M...

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