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how does this happen to a city?

in stockton,ca it used to average around 40 murders for a population of 200-300 thousand. then in 2010 it had 49 murders. then it 2011 it had 58 murders breaking its record and also goes bankrupt. then in 2012 it has 71 murders. ???????


but stockton broke its murder record before it went bankrupt

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  • CAB
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    7 years ago
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    A bankrupt city is one that can't afford to police itself or pick up after itself. Housing and infrastructure tend to fall apart, no one wants to invest in the place and things become chaotic until there's nothing left and people just get up and leave.

    Some cities don't really recover: think of Detroit. Any reductions in crime can be attributed to there being far fewer people there and the city simply dis incorporating large abandoned sections of itself.

    Others DO come back. I lived in NYC in the 70's when bankruptcy loomed, the trash piled up in the streets and the murder rate was 5 times what it is today.

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