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這部約6分鐘Meet Taiwan的影片




若有知道內容的話 請幫我解答

感恩 :)

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  • 7 years ago
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    Meet the place. for meetings, exhibitions, events, travel.

    Meet Taiwan, your preffered Asian Mise destination. where modernity meets tradition, excellent variety of venues.

    Meet the excellent variety of modern venues. Taiwan is equipped to deal with events of every kind and scale.

    Allowing the business user to meet with the efficiency and style. Meet Asia's most dynamic show ground that play host to some of Asia and the world's most

    reputable industry events.

    Meet state of the art convention facilities that compliment your event with the latest and most advanced technologies.

    Meet additional facilities that provide for many different types events and conventions.

    Meet in the variety of unique culturally rich settings that reflect Taiwan's mixture of traditional and the contemporary.

    Allowing modern business travelers to control their events and meet in any member of meeting facility and socializing environments. meet world-class accommodations where comfort and convenience come together.

    And meet modern communication as Taipei is the first large-scale wireless city.

    Where east meets west, The preffered gateway to Asia. Meet quick and convenient regional access to all Asian Pacific countries. Meet easy international access for business travel and for shipping with major airports and seaports through out the island including one of the world's largest container harbours. Next to Kaohsiung City, in the southwest of Taiwan.

    Meet the people of Taiwan. A melting pot of cultures. with their rich colonial history. and influences from both the east and the west.

    2013-06-30 13:16:58 補充:

    Meet the genuine value of quality service. Enabling your comgress goals within any global economic climate. Meet open-minded global perspectives toward other cultures. and local warmth featuring a friendly and accommodating charm unique to Asia.

    2013-06-30 13:23:25 補充:

    Meet a freindly and hightly professional work force proficient in making your MISE event an impressive success.

    In addtion to quality service, Taiwan MISE service professionals are engaged in providing green options and service.

    2013-06-30 13:34:10 補充:


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  • 7 years ago

    okay,thank you. :D

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