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Is aliexpress , Alibaba website reliable or safe for online shopping?

No. They are not reliable nor safe. Avoid buying on these websites. I created this question for ppl who like me google this question and don't find a good answer. Read on if you are concerned. Here is my personal experience buying on aliexpress. After your purchase you should wait between 2 weeks to 3 months for the item to arrive. If you recieve the item (I said if) and IF you are satisfied with the quality, you won buying something cheap. In any other case you are doomed. Read on.

You may contact the chinese seller for return ( lucky if they undersatnd english) but I have not seen any of chinese sellers ( even on ebay) initailly pay for return shipping cost even if they send you broken, faulty or wrong item. basically they say " F you, you pay for my mistake" No customer service what so ever untill you file a complaint/dispute against them.

The worst part about Aliexpress is when you open a dispute. Everything in Aliexpress is automated response. You won't have access to any real person to talk to or email to. when you open a dispute you have to escalate it because you won't see any response or movement from the seller nor Aliexpress. After you escalate the dispute you have no control to modify or add anything to it. Completely frozen. You wonder what is happening. Maybe after 1 month or so ( maybe) you will receive automated response that you lost the case!!!! It doesn't matter whether your previous pictures/documents clearly esplained why you were not satisfied or why item was faulty becasue You will be asked to add pictures or documents in 3 days or they release the money to the seller . Seems no one is reading or looking at the pictures you submit. You may add more pictures or evidence yet you keep receiving automated response that your dispute is rejected or you lost! and here is the time you have no option to do anything. No option to click on or add more documnet/pictures. And the case shows frozen in the website.

I filed a complaint in my credit card company and now dispute is active in both Aliexpress and my credit. because that is your last shot to file the complaint in your credit company. Fortunately they had my back and they promised me if the seller doesn't refund my money they will do return it to me. (after 2 months though and you have to keep a good record of document in case they ask for it later)

Now I see a refund in my credit account ( after 2 months from the time I started the whole dispute proccess in aliexpress. And also this is second week after I disputed in my credit company). I don't know seller decided to refund the money , or Aliexpress did it ( doubt it), or this is my credit company's job to return the money. To me it seems the seller decided to refund the money to avoid further concequnces, becasue case is still open in aliexpress and in my credit.

Imagine the mess. I got my refund, yet case is active and yet I receive emails from Aliexpress and there is no option to click on and respond to the case. It is frozen. And there is no one you can cantact to.... I don't know what is gonna happen next. And this is axactly the point. Confusion headache confusion all in the air. If you are up for it go ahead and purchase through Aliexpress.

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    Thank you for sharing this very valuable feedback about AliExpress, and I'm sorry to hear you didn't have a very positive experience making purchases on the site.

    The sellers on the site are primarily from China, Taiwan, Korea and Hong Kong. They are usually small businesses that can fulfill orders directly to consumers. Shipping times will vary depending on destination and shipping method.

    For those of you who may be looking for additional information about AliExpress, you are welcome to visit the AlExpress New Buyer Guide which can answer some of your questions through this link:

    If you would like to open a dispute or make an official complaint against one of the sellers on the site, you can also do so by going to the Help Centre:

    Thanks again for your feedback; I'll be sure to share it with the AliExpress team.


    - Pamela

    International Corporate Affairs

    Alibaba Group

    (Hong Kong)

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      My order was ordered on 21st of May 2014 and I have not yet received it. They only keep saying that its been escalating to Escalation team and please wait. The asshole seller is not ready to respond.

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    Aliexpress Vs Alibaba

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    Alibaba Shipping

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    Experiences with aliexpress

    I've had good and bad experiences with aliexpress made, little things (electronic components etc.) no problem, if a part is defective it must in the trashcan (low prices).

    I warn expensive equipment, but be sure to order machinery, etc. from aliexpress for warranty the seller, unresponsive and you cough the money that they have received no longer, legally you have no chance against the scammers.

    In my case, it was a chain saw (copy of a well-known manufacturer) dealer Jack Wu (Yongkang Yunsen garden tools) after less than three hours, the thing was totally destroyed.

    ter contact with the dealer and several mails, radio silence was in turn suddenly. Aliexpress switched on, brought nothing,

    I was every time advised to contact the dealer. You have got no interest in a solution to the problem, that main thing is their Commission finalised.


    E-Bay is safe and reliable, and above all you strive (also at Chinese traders) in case of problems for a clarification.

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    Spreading wrong info, does not help you nor does it help others. Finding the right solution will help you and others too. Please research before you post.

    I order products from Aliexpress frequently and I never had any problem. You should select your seller wisely by looking at their rating and customer feedback. Shipping duration varies based on the shipping method you select, there is free shipping which takes about 30-45days to reach or you can select express delivery via Fedex or DHL, there are other as well.

    Also, you should look at order processing time by the seller which varies too.

    Let me know if anybody have questions or need help in getting products from Aliexpress to India. Email me

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      Thanks for adding your comment because some ppl expect too much or complain too easily sometimes.
      I appreciate your input and I believe that we need to use common sense when ordering online!

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    I have had positive and negative experiences on AliExpress.

    Products are as advertised-(look)-50%.

    Quality is 5%

    Reliability of product being delivered - 60%

    Response and correction of issues - 5%

    All products are made in China and above that you get things for cheap on Aliexpress- so go figure !!!!

    If it's a show piece or accessory that is used less, go ahead buy it. If you r looking for utility/reliability type items - buy in ur local store..u can at least return/exchange if broken.

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    I ordered some fitness tank top stringers because they had some pretty cool looking ones and I couldn't help myself by how cheap they were so I ordered a few and they all are coming from different parties so its kinda hard to keep track of them plus when you check up on them it says your order is shipped but for like a whole week it still hasn't said it left the country!?!? lol and I can't believe I looked at my estimated delivery time and it said 39-60 days thats outrageous! I spent just as much time if not that in jail im probably going to cancel but im afraid it will take forever to get my money back im just going to wait it out but for now on im sticking to Amazon at least I know im getting my product delivered 7 to 3 days on time!

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    Just wanna Ask I order 3 bags to aliexpress and bag delivered 2 bags only I file open dispute but the sellers did not accept he suggest to me he will be ship the 1 bag, here is my question I accept the sellers solution but it says on my order funds processing, what's the meaning of that is it my 1 bag will be send to me or my order will be gone

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    6 years ago

    Yes, AliExpress, Alibaba site is reliable and secure website, which is something inexpensive, welcome to buy sth.

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    I usually look for reviews, check to see where the website is from with a whois search, look at user ratings, etc.

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