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Will Mikhail Prokhorov (Nets GM) single handily force the NBA to fix the Luxury Tax?

Brooklyn Nets Starting 5 Contracts for 2013-2014 season (Williams, Johnson, and Lopez's contracts all increase in the 2014-2015 season but I'm not counting that):

Deron Williams: $18,466,130

Joe Johnson: $21,466,718

Paul Pierce: $15,333,334

Kevin Garnett: $12,443,735

Brook Lopez: $14,693,906

Altogether equals a total cap hit (for only the starting 5) of $82,401,823.

The projected Salary Cap for the 2013-2014 Season is: $58,500,000

The projected Luxury Tax threshold for the 2013-2014 Season is: $71,600,000 million

So starting 5 alone, the Brooklyn Nets are way over the Luxury Tax. The Miami Heat's entire team is at a total of $86,464,629. Although if you add just Jason Terry to the equation (he was traded to the Nets as well), that gives the Nets a salary of $87,626,823.

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    Just for the record Prokhorov is the owner of the Nets, Billy King is the GM.

    I think Prokhorov is really willing to spend, after this move they positioned themselves on a win now mode. NBA owners should be very wary and very jealous of this Nets owner right now just the capacity to spend. Just Wow!

    Hope this helps.

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