I want to audition for a kpop company, what should I do?

I am 15 years old and I sing really well and am going to be taking singing lessons soon, and hopefully dance lessons. I really want to audition for yg but I know chances are slim. I'm half black and half white, average weight, and (i'm not being conceded) really pretty.I'm 5'4 and a half I believe. maybe taller. I often times get asked if i'm half Asian so I was thinking maybe that factor would help companies not look the other way so fast. I really believe I've got what it takes but I know chances are low. Sooo what I thought would be the best way to be recognized would be to audition for superstar k. next year though because the auditions are already over I belive. and this question is for super star k as well as other companies. Do they look at ALL online or packaged audition videos or demos?Because I know superstar k has millions of auditionees. as well as yg jyp sm etc etc. What do you guys believe to be the best way to audition? Also I speak conversational Korean right now and am trying to advance my skils

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    Hmm. If you're as amazing as you say (and I'm NOT being sarcastic here, trust me), then what kind of group would reject you? Who wouldn't sign you up for an entertainment industry?

    That's what everyone thinks.

    Truth is girl, there's thousands of people who are slim, beautiful, can sing well, and speak 5 different languages.

    Before you start flaming on me though, listen first.

    Auditioning for YG is kind of like getting ready for Harvard Uni. A little bit of singing and dancing won't get you anywhere. You know what counts in the end?

    It's your effort.

    I'm not kidding. If you don't START with effort, the chances of you getting in somewhere are close to 10%, unless you're a super lucky person. I'm not saying you're not putting any effort right now. In fact, it's admirable you're reaching out to other people so you can pursue your dreams.

    If there is 1 mistake all 'auditioners' make in an audition, it is that they calculate everything. Plus, they don't know what company is really right for them. I've auditioned for YG too, only because I loved Big Band and 7seven. But later on, I found out it's not really the right way to go, especially i'm choosing the company because if its members. I wanted to find out a company was just RIGHT for me. After tries and tries and tries, I finally got into the company I wanted.

    Again, think carefully. Are you willing to give up everything so you can be a k-pop celeb? For someone without the choice like you and I, it may be a definite answer. But for someone WITH the choice, it is a very hard question, and numerous celebs have regretted it. For one, just because you passed the audition does NOT mean you are a celebrity (probably know this already though). Jokwon from 2AM I believe, didn't debute for 15 years? Or am I wrong? I know Leeteuk from SUKU took 4 years. Like this, even with auditions you still have to work hard. Really hard.

    Think of it this way.

    You're auditioning for YG company. You are going against 1 million people. You pass. Great.

    You are now an official YG trainee. You are going against 10,000 people. But you get a chance to debute after 2 years. Great.

    You are now a part of a girl group.

    And then it stops.

    It's not this easy. In step 1, you have to go against 1 million people. That tast itself is not easy. Even if you pass, nothing gets easier from there. Do you think everyone is a Lee Hayi? That girl has luck from the heavens. It didn't even take her a year for her to debute. And as soon as she did, she became popular. That's a story I've never heard of.

    Say that you do become a trainee. This is where the hardships come. I dieted and lost over 30 pounds, a kid like me. I'm the same age as you, give or take a year. I grew apart from my family and practiced day and night. My parents always said to rest a bit, i'm putting to much effort. But no, this is survival. I'm not the only girl practicing until nodules or until my ankle breaks.

    Even after debute do you think all singers become popular and famous? Sometimes even with all those years of effort, nothing works out. And I learned it's not my fault. It's just how things work.

    Are you mentally and emotionally prepared for these things?

    A pretty face, a good heart, a good voice doesn't solve everything. When you're going against kids all over the world with no rules to stop them, you need 1 tactic to show them you're different. From there on it depends on 2 things. Luck and effort.

    I was not prepared for any of this. After my nodules I had my ankle injury and I told myself: I'm done. I quit. I wasn't prepared for any of this and to go to a such shaky and unstable path was not the road for me. That is why I quit.

    But to sum it all up, just have the motivation and passion for it. Then you can at least be on par with the other auditioning kids.

    To (finally) answer your question, I think your safest bet is to practice every day and audition for the companies that really might suit you. But don't calculate everything out and just sing with passion. You chose this path for a reason. So don't regret it.

    Superstar K or Kpopstar. Whichever you choose, I hope you will make it

    ;) if you do pass auditions give me an email!! (or ill kill you /shot)

    I hope you make it :3

    Source(s): ex-trainee christina.kim14@yahoo.com
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