driving 13-14 hours strait... tips?

In July, Im going on a fishing trip in Apalachicola, Florida. Im going to be driving by myself, starting in Roanoke, VA. Its going to be around 15 hours all said and done, with gas and other various stops. The most I have ever driven strait is 6 hours, to Columbia, SC. With two stops for gas. I can easily do 3 hour stints at a time, before I have stretch out. I can easily stay awake that long, as I work 2 double shifts a week, that usually last around 13 to 14 hours, on my feet all day, and feel great at the end. So energy, I hope will not be a problem.

Heres the catch, Im driving a Jeep Wrangler. I dont know whether or not to take the highways to save a few extra bucks on gas, and take 45 extra minutes, or to take I-26. I-81, and I-95 all the way down and get there 45 minutes sooner but spend about 30 extra dollars. And if youve ever driven a jeep wrangler for more than 45 minutes at a time, you know its quite a rough ride. I plan on taking about 7 or 8 stops for fuel (to avoid getting below a quarter tank), bathroom breaks, and food. I will be doing it with the top down predominately, so as to keep my self as aware as possible to avoid going into a sleepy daze. I also plan on leaving around 2 or 3 in the morning, going to bed at 7 the night before, this is to have as much light outside as possible as I become more and more tired as the day progresses to avoid becoming sleepy plus it becoming dark outside. Ive also got a pretty nice lineup of some older Joe Rogan Experience podcasts I havent heard yet, to keep my self laughing, thinking and enjoying my ride. But I digress.

My main questions:

1) Do I take interstates, or highways? (given that both take around the same time)

2) Do I leave EARLY in the morning, or leave late at night? (leaving in the late morning is a no no)

3) Caffeine? Im not a coffee drinker, and am not addicted to caffeine, so do I drink caffeine, or stay away?

4) How many stops should I have? Should I go on the three to four hour stints I am capable of? Or do short 1 to 2 hour stints with breaks?

5) Food, I will stay away from ALL fast food (I already do any way) The grease will make me wipe out, but should I eat sugary stuff like skittles for sugar rushes, or eat leafy greens and jerky? (setting nutrition aside)

6) I assume gas will be cheaper on the highways than on the interstate route, am I correct?

I will have a spare quart of oil, tools necessary to change a tire (im very handy when working on cars), 1 gallon of coolant and some stop leak. A cell phone charger and a garmin, some ice rags to splash my face when I get tired, snacks, water (some caffeine beverages maybe?), a few cigarettes and some dip (Im not am addicted smoker or a dipper, but I have found that nicotine helps me out when Im bored or stressed, a pack of cigs can last me 3 or 4 months, and a can of dip will go bad before I get to use it all). Any more suggestions?

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  • 8 years ago
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    My suggestion would be you make it a 2-day road trip. You'll be a danger to yourself and the others on the highway with you if you attempt your trip in one day.

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