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Brooklyn nets starting lineup? Is this correct ?

Deron Williams

Joe Johnson

Paul pierce


And brook Lopez ???

Is that stacked or what? Ya kg and pierce are old but they can give you something

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    That is most likely what it will look like next season. that is sick lolololol. Yeah Pierce and Garnett are older now but they still have some good basketball left in them. Now the question for teams having to play them night in and night out is who to guard and who to let run buck wild. You can;t guard all of them so it will be fun to watch how it pans out. Chemistry could be a problem early on for the Nets as they will have to get used to playing with each other and KG and Pierce will have to learn the Nets' offense as well.

  • 8 years ago

    It is right, and I love that lineup. PP and KG are no scrubs. If D-will plays as well as he can (which is a top 5 PG) and Joe Johnson does just a little better they are instant contenders. They have a decent bench, decent but they could maybe use a little more on the bench

  • Pretty much. Out of nowhere too. Their were talks about this for a few days but nobody before the end of the season saw this coming.

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