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Are the Celtics doomed?

Doc Rivers went to the Clippers. Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry might go to the Brooklyn Nets. Rondo's gonna be left behind lmao

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    8 years ago
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    No, the way I see it, they are doomed if they keep KG and PP. I always thought that Pierce would be a Greeny for life, but I think for Celtic fans, this is actually a great outcome. Its time to rebuild, time to offload. The Nets are actually the team that will be doomed. They are taking two great players, however, they are past their prime. If Nets don't win it all next year, they will be in a bit of a pickle as far as their roster goes.

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    Rondo will still have Bradley, Sullinger, and Green. All 3 players are great, and could potentially be All-Stars in a few years. They've would have freed up a LOT of cap-space too. This is a great deal for the Celtics, and don't forget that they are also getting 3 1ST ROUND DRAFT PICKS in return too.

  • It's not looking very good for the Celtics right now lolol. Nothing is official though with the Nets-Celtics trade as it is a proposal. Kevin Garnett would have to waive his no trade clause as well for it to work.

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    Rondo would never gave up he still get 11 APG

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  • 8 years ago

    at least they are not like LA. They will get nothing for Howard.

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