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Difference between YouTube Partner and Adsense?

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there's a difference between being a YouTube Partner after applying for it, compared to just using adsense on your videos? I think there is but I'm not sure because I got an email from YouTube saying what you can do as a partner and I can do all of it just by using adsense. I thought with being a partner you got paid per video videos and adsense you got paid for ad views but it doesn't seem to be that way by the email they sent me after applying for the partnership. Can someone explain this better?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I'll give you a quick history:

    Long ago YouTube launched the Partner Program opened to exclusive individuals like Fred, Ray William Johnson, etc.

    It became popular, because people all over YouTube wanted to make money and become more popular.

    People started going crazy over YouTube partnership and were doing anything to become a partner.

    YouTube broke down the partner program into different levels like in a video game. They then opened the partner program to every and broke it down into about 4 or 5 levels:

    1. Adsense Partners- Can monetize videos and earn money for cpm, you get paid for every thousand views and you get paid more when someone clicks.

    2. Semi Partners- Can monetize videos, can get branding options, create YouTube shows that are treated as real Tv show's on YouTube.

    3. Full YouTube Partners have everything and banners and can protect videos and songs through content id, so if anyone uploads their song they can put ads on their video.

    4. Top Tier Partners- These are partners that get many views and subscribers like Machinima,Maker Studios, etc. They get appointed YouTube partner managers that can help them start their own YouTube networks and get sponsorships and even on get them on television.

    The YouTube partner program was in control of partner managers they hired, YouTube had to pay partner manage famous partners. YouTube eventually got tired and then they decided to let partner managers appoint networks, networks are basically the same as partner managers but they act as television networks.

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    Source(s): I have my own YouTube network so I researched all this.
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    4 years ago

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  • 5 years ago

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    5 years ago

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