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Chris Weidman vs Anderson silva? Any Predictions?

I think Chris would have the edge since he is much younger than Silva and holds five straight victories in the UFC against professional fighters. Anderson is not in his prime anymore. For instance, Chael Sonnen managed to knock down Silvia before submitting to a triangle choke in UFC 148. I was hoping Chael would win, so Silva's reign would end. Don't get me wrong, I think Anderson is a spectacular fighter with both mental and physical attributes that compliment him well.

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    Chris hasn't fought anyone of note yet, and will have a very difficult time with Anderson. People cite his victory over Munos as evidence of him being one of the best in the division, but Munos was having mental/emotional issues during that fight and was not performing at his best. I think if Chris is able to take Anderson down, it could very well turn into a lay-and-pray match like Anderson v. Chael #1. That being said, I am not confident that Anderson can defend Chris's takedowns, as Chael easily took him down in the first round of their rematch. I believe Chris will be quick to take Anderson down, and Anderson will attempt to hold on for dear life to get a stand-up, whereupon Chris will die a gory death before being successful at another takedown. Of course, if Chris maintains an active top game, then it could go all the way. So either Anderson wins in the 4th minute of round 1, or the 2nd minute of round 2, or Chris wins by decision.

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    its a shame for Anderson. He's signed a new ten fight deal with the UFC, which means he will be ending his career in the UFC. I've always said his reign will fall as a result of a young hungry up and comer. Its sad to see legends go out badly - Liddell, Couture, Ortiz, Penn. They always start getting knocked out or taking a really bad beating. The question is - is Weidman the young up and comer? or is he a guy with a little too much hype attached to him.

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    Anderson silva 1st round knockout

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