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Rilee asked in PetsDogs · 7 years ago

Tips on taking care of a five week old puppy?

OKKAY, now BEFORE you guys start freaking out.

1. The man lied to us and told us the puppy was 8 weeks old.(didnt find out till we got there)

2. We drove a long way to go get the puppy.

3. It's a good thing we took the poor thing or it might have not survived.

I have owned PLENTY of dogs I do not need you people to tell me It shouldn't have been taking away from its mother, I know.

But I'm glad we got him, this puppy, was nasty and dirty, scared, malnourished and the man was giving the puppy's shots him self ( he's not a vet ) .

So now I just need some tips on getting him back to health, please. I have never took care of a puppy this young, but the mother at 17 puppies, so they we're all kind of malnourished and thin. We are feeding him puppy formula right now, that's what the lady at petsmart suggested, we will be going to the vet in a couple days so we will talk to him too.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    At 5 weeks, assuming he is 5 weeks even, he should have been on solid food - weaning normally begins at the end of the third week, going into the fourth. With such a large litter (17 puppies - really?) this breeder would have had to be supplementing half the litter in any case (half as in half on and half off). If the puppy had been given solids, you should have been told what so you didn't need to switch him (which could upset his digestive system right there!). If you didn't find out, then find a good quality puppy food and start by soaking it with either goats milk (which is close to b itch milk in make up and is tolerated by young puppies), warmed, or just warm water. Until you find out how well he can actually eat (does he have teeth yet?), feed him his food in a porridge consistency, offering it less soaked as the days go by. Puppy food is formulated so that puppies with teeth can manage to eat it pretty dry.

    Feed him 4 meals a day, breakfast around 7am, lunch around noon, tea around 4.30 - 5 pm and a late evening milky feed for now. If he is down on weight, a drink of warmed goats milk can be given during the morning and afternoon too, to help build him up.

    He needs to see your vet asap - right now unless you know he had mum's first milk in which case the natural immunity from her will hold until around 5 weeks, after which time it starts to drop away, he's very vulnerable so don't take him ANYWHERE off your property, or let him be around any dogs, even apparently healthy ones because even healthy dogs can walk infection in.

    Vets will give a puppy a interim shot against Parvo and Leptospirosis at 6 weeks, if there's any question about him not having mum's first milk. Vaccination should be given from 8 weeks, otherwise, by which time it's considered safe to give external vaccination. Given too soon, before any natural immunity has dropped away, and it won't 'take', so it's pointless - if this breeder was giving the shots himself again this was pointless!!

    I'm sure he will need worming - but don't do this until your vet has seen him and made sure he's not sick. Sick dogs shouldn't be wormed, or vaccinated really. But that's one for your vet to decide.

    This person needs to be reported!!

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  • 7 years ago

    1, Have the pup vet checked. Do you know which shots the breeder gave? The bad thing isn't the giving of the shots (many good breeders do this), it's that the conditions were so bad and that he' sell a 5 week old puppy, which NO responsible breeder would do.

    2. Do you have or know someone with a very patient, adult (at least 3-4 years of age), healthy b*tch who you could have the puppy spend some supervised time with daily? This pup has not had the chance to learn dog manners including bite inhibition.

    3. Primarily feed him a very healthy diet. At 5 weeks, he's probably weaned so the formula should be more of a supplement than the mainstay of his diet. If you plan to feed kibble, find a high quality puppy food and feed that, probably moistened with a bit of broth or formula.

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  • Bells
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    so after you cussed everyone out you want us to help......why?

    and NO, you didnt do the pup a favor...a favor would have been putting it down since the dumbbbasss breeder apparently doesnt know or give a crap about what he is doing

    you need to be going to the TODAY....i dont know what the hell is wrong with the dog psychic 8 ball is out of order today.....

    malnutrition might be the least of your need to find out if the dog has any other serious issues that need to be treated

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  • 7 years ago

    Seem to be doing all you can.

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