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A handgun chambered with rifle rounds or shotgun shells ...?

Do those really exist?

And if so, how effective are they in combat designed for a normal handgun to handle? The thought of the power of shotgun shells or assault rifle bullets put into a concealable handgun size seems very nice, but I would really question the recoil associated with firing one of those things.

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    Yes, they really exist.

    No, they are not particularly effective in combat. Certain short-barrelled rifles have comparable "pistol" comparisons, so while technically they are "handguns" they're a bit on the big size. The Kel-Tec PLR-16 and the Olympic Arms OA-93 are good examples of this.

    Now, take that same "handgun" and put a shoulder stock on it, making it an excellent CQB firearm.

    One of the major downsides to putting a rifle round in something with a short barrel is that it wastes much of that power, as rifle rounds are designed to burn powder for the longer duration of the projectile traveling down the barrel. Which means standard rifle rounds put in a "handgun" configuration firearm, even one chambered for it, would have a large muzzle flash and annoyingly low velocity in comparison to the actual rifle for which the cartridge was designed. Becuase unburned powder turns into muzzle flash, and doesn't add to velocity.

    As far as shotguns go, that's more a question of pattern than velocity, but velocity is affected, too. As someone else has already asked "what's the use of a Serbu Super Shorty?" I answered that as a concealable entry gun, especially for those of us who can qualify for NFA firearms but can't afford full auto, it poses a formidable, lower-cost substitute for a submachine gun in close quarters.

    But again, you lose the advantages of a long barrel for a shotgun, which is both velocity and tightness of shot pattern. The argument is that in close quarters, you're not really worried about the velocity loss nor the shot pattern size -- you want the smack of the shotgun round at close quarters in a package you can carry in a vertical shoulder holster under your vest or jacket so you don't alarm the public or tip off your soon-to-be prisoner.

    So while such firearms exist, and they do have their practical niche, that niche is small and not without significant drawbacks -- these drawbacks are either acceptable or mitigatable, but such firearms are not considered practical by the mainstream.

    And recoil is a very real issue -- if you can't stand a 100-round practice range session with one once a week, then you shouldn't be carrying it -- good rule of thumb.

    Try that with a Serbu. Let me know how that works out for you; That's why I don't carry or use a pistol grip shotgun anymore -- because it's hard on the body and when you're young, you can do anything. When you get to be my age, you go with what you know and quit beating your body around because you're now feeling the cumulative effects of being immortal when you're young.

    But there will always be people who want bigger in a smaller package, and as long as there is a market for such firearms, they will be made.

    But yeah, the recoil is rather awful.

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    As WC says there is the S&W Governor, Taurus decide, and some others just like the snake slayer derringers. @ good day,Sir! Sorry sir but you've got been very misinformed, and your declare that a pistol that shoots .410 shotgun shells is regarded a AOW form of NFA regulated item. The Taurus choose, as well as the snake slayer derringers that shoots .Forty five Colt and the 410 shotgun shells has been on the market for a number of years now, and the S&W Governor that shoots .45 Colt and the 410 shotgun shells has been out for a couple of years, and a person desires no particular license to possess these firearms. You really shouldn't supply false understanding on right here, if you don't know the correct answer then I advise you don't answer the question.

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    I have a TC Contender. One of my barrels is in .223. Taking it into combat would be like showing up with an old dueling pistol. It's long, heavy, and you can only shoot once before you reload. It's a lot of fun though. With the heavy bull-barrel and Pachmayr Decelerator grips, he recoil is something along the lines of a .38 Special. Load up a strong 45-70 though, and the TC Contender is a punishing torture device. "Rifle rounds," have a huge range of power and recoil.

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    You have things a little bit mixed.

    For decades Thompson Center has made single shot pistols in rifle cartridge calibers. These are specifically designed for pistol hunting, NRA Centerfire Pistol Silhouette competition and informal long range target shooting.

    You would not want to take a single shot pistol in a rifle cartridge into combat. Yes, you may kill one enemy or attacker - but - the rest of the war or attack is not going to take a 5 minute break while you reload.

    You are correct - they have terrible recoil. These pistols, like a fine wine, are an acquired taste. Unless you have really big, powerful hands like a bear - these are not for you. People have broken wrist bones, finger bones, and done major damage to their arms and hands with these guns. Or the hand being unable to deal with the recoil allows the pistol to jump back and hit the shooter in the head.

    These pistols appeal to people who are experienced hunters and would like to handicap themselves on a hunt........ make it a bit more challenging.

    You should surf to SSK Industries web page and look a the different model JD Jones offers. JD Jones was a gunsmith who started off making custom barrels for the TC 'Contender' and he later went on to create some exteme cartridge that bear his name - they all have "JDJ" added to them. I once worked with a man who had one of these single shot pistols - and 5 travel cases of different barrels for that pistol - about 20 barrels per case. Single shot rifle cartridge pistols - collecting and shooting the different barrels - is whole world of it's own.

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    taurus judge fires 45lc an .410 shot. mri model BFR shoots 30-30, 45-70, 444marlin 450marlin, 500s&w. i have bfr 45-70 & 500 s&w. recoil makes me smile i love these two. the recoil will break a weak wrist. the taurus is smallenough to conceal recoil is mild. lol not the BFR with 10" barrel. alot of guys can't handle these big guns.

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    I’m not experienced at all and I really shouldn’t even be answering, but I figured I might address a few things that might help.

    With rifle rounds you get a lot of power and for a war zone with guys running around in body armors and enemies moving in squads, rifle rounds makes sense. Rifle rounds would pierce through low level armors and possibly hit the enemy behind the initial target with the exiting bullet. The bullet entering and existing would create a good hole to bleed out of.

    In a civilian defense however that rifle round will likely hit an unarmored attacker exit that attacker and possibly hit any other bystanders nearby. That means that if you were ever attacked in a crowded area, you can’t really shoot at the attacker without you doing as much damage and chaos as the attacker themselves. Also rounds that goes through might be great for bleeding out, but it’s not so great for transferring the momentum for that stopping power. For stopping power you are better off with hollow point that has enough power to penetrate, but not exit. This will insure the transfer of momentum better than rounds that just goes through a person.

    Also if you were attacked by an armored attackers those armor will protect them from being pierced by the hollow point pistol rounds, but the blunt damage of will still transfer and they should go down from internal damage with few good shots. So you really don't need a rifle round for the civilian self defense.

    Lastly, the shotgun rounds that gets fired is .410 ammunition for the judge. From what I understand it is too underpowered and the shots spreads too wide to do great damage if the target is any farther than 2 yards. I believe they developed a new shot for judge that fires three disks that travels straight and there are smaller shots that still does shotgun damage and that might be worth trying out, but I think that’s more of a specialty shot and probably hard to come by and very costly.

    Once again, I’m not qualified to probably suggest anything and take my advise as grain of salt, but hopefully it can be something to think about and be a launching point for farther research.

  • Yes there are a few handguns chambered for rifle and shotgun rounds and they're really not effective ballistically because they were developed to work out of much longer barrels. When you fire these types of loads out of a handgun with a traditional length barrel much of the gunpowder will be expelled and burned after it leaves the muzzle, essentially wasting the potential energy.

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    Yes, they exist, but they aren't for "combat."

    They're primarily for hunting or self defense. For example, Thompson/Center makes two lines of firearm that include a handgun chambered for rifle rounds. These are large, single-shot guns that are intended for big game hunting, primarily.

    Then there are numerous revolvers that have cropped up over the last several years that are chambered to fire .45 Colt and .410 bore shotgun shells. These are never going to be "combat" firearms; they're essentially intended to be used in self-defense situations.

    And the recoil for either of those types of guns is manageable. Get combat out of your head. You will never be in combat unless you are a member of your country's armed forces, or unless a revolution or invasion of your country occurs. And if your country experiences revolution or invasion, you won't be worried about what gun you have; all you'll care about is that you have one.

    EDIT: There are also "pistol" versions of AR-15s and AKs. They're largely expensive toys, though. I don't know of a single armed force or even police force that actually uses them.

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    The Judge or Governor.....both fire 410 shot gun shells.

    The Five Seven....fires the 5.7 round used in the P90 bullpup machine gun.

    The old Remington Fireball pistol, bolt action.

    There are a number of target/hunting pistols that fire rifle rounds.

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    There are AR-15 hand guns.. TC makes a bunch of single shot handguns in rifle calibers.

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