What are your favorite artists/music genres? Favorite songs? Short Music taste survey?

I have my answers too. I'm bored. :D

How would you describe your music taste? Broad, narrow, small, limited et cetera?

My music taste is broad...The only genre I CANNOT stand is jazz.

What are your favorite music artists?

Please list as many as you want, I'm interested in hearing. I'm about to list A LOT, so here they are:

My favorites:

From Autumn to Ashes



Cannibal Corpse

Killswitch Engage


Blood on the Dance Floor

Asking Alexandria

I Set My Friends On Fire

Mac Miller

As I Lay Dying

The Medic Droid

Jeffree Star

System Of A Down

Bar 9


Crystal Castles

Shiny Toy Guns

Fall Out Boy

Cookie Monsta

Bruno Mars

Escape the Fate


Hollywood Undead


Darius Rucker

Florida Georgia Line

3 Doors Down

Metro Station


Shania Twain

Lone Star

John Michael Montgomery

9 Lives/Deuce


Christina Perri

What are your favorite songs? Again list as many as you want. :)

Mine are:

1. Future History - By! Lightning

2. The Arms of Sorrow - Killswitch Engage

3. Desperate Times - Killswitch Engage

4. Hammer Smashed Face - Cannibal Corpse

5. Hear Me Now - Hollywood Undead

6. *********.E.S - Hollywood Undead

7. Undead - Hollywood Undead

8. I Can't Get Enuff - Blood on the Dance Floor

9. Wagon Wheel - Darius Rucker

10. Situations - Escape The Fate

11. Major Tom/Stripped - Shiny Toy Guns

12. Plague/Vanished - Crystal Castles

13. Country Girl - Luke Bryan

It's hard to pick my favorites from every one of my artists cuz to be honest, I haven't heard any songs that I truly DISLIKE from any of them. Just ones I like more than others. :)

Do you believe in such a thing like bad or good taste in music?

I personally don't, because theres no such thing as a 'bad' or 'good' opinion. But in a way, I guess people believe there's such a thing if the person doesn't like the music they like.

Do you believe in censoring music?

I don't, I know there are young children listening to the radio. I advocated making a separate music station and putting music with curse words/sexual lyrics et cetera in those stations, warning listeners that's the kind of music played, so if somebody decides to play anyway it's their fault if 2 year olds happen to be in the room.

Do you believe somebody has to listen to more than one song by an artist to truly say they like that artist?

I'm on the fence with this one, I can't really say somebody is a 'fan' of say Fall Out Boy if they only like 1 song and haven't listened to the rest, or dislike the rest. They just like one song from that band. What do you think?

What do you do when you get sick of your main bands and want to try something new?

What I do is, since I use the website grooveshark (music sharing, creating playlists et cetera), I look up new bands that are listened in the 'similar music' section (they select bands based on what genre you listen to), add a bunch of songs from that new band that I've never heard of to a new playlist, and click 'play all' listening to them. That's how I've developed such a broad music taste. I try new things. And that's how I've became a fan of bands such as BOTDF, Cannibal Corpse, et cetera. :)



...You're a pervert dude. Like seriously. Lol

But no. It means I ride horses, groom horses, feed horses and have 6 horses of my own. And I adore them all. Wouldn't trade them for the world. XD

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    My taste in music is eclectic.

    I like electro-pop, alternative rock, glam rock, classic rock, bluegrass, classic country, A Capella, Punk, Reggae, Bossa Nova, Salsa, Samba, Rhythm and Blues, Vocal Jazz, Pop, Big Band Jazz, Irish Folk, Classical, and even some opera. And many more. I have music from Japan, Germany, France, Brazil, and Zimbabwe, etc.

    Definitely eclectic. :-)

    Favorite Artists:


    The Chieftains

    The Smiths

    Simon and Garfunkel

    James Taylor


    Stacey Kent

    The Civil Wars

    The Decemberists

    Surfer Blood


    Cymbals Eat Guitars

    Young Galaxy

    John Legend

    Don Williams

    Jefferson Airplane


    Joan Jett

    Marvin Gaye

    Beach Boys

    Bob Dylan

    Jim James


    Getz and Gilberto


    Jack Johnson

    Straight No Chaser

    Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

    Elvis Presley

    Elvis Costello

    Paul Simon

    Frank Sinatra

    Cat Stevens

    Favorite Songs:

    When the Ship Comes In - the Chieftains, featuring the Decemberists

    Ask - the Smiths

    Killer Queen - Queen

    Don't Stop Me Now - Queen

    Good Olde Fashioned Lover Boy - Queen

    Heaven Knows I'm Miserable - the Smiths

    Frankly Mr Shankly - the Smiths

    Bigmouth Strikes Again - the Smiths

    I Got It Bad - Stacey Kent

    The Best Is Yet to Come - Stacey Kent

    Say It Isn't So - Stacey Kent

    While I'm Alive - STRFKR

    Take It Easy - Surfer Blood

    Mo Ghile Mear, "our hero" - the Chieftains, featuring Sting

    Actress - Jim James

    Love Me Tonight - Don Williams

    Till the Rivers All Run Dry - Don Williams

    Some Broken Hearts Never Mend - Don Williams

    I Believe In You - Don Williams

    Late In the Evening - Paul Simon

    You Can Call Me Al - Paul Simon

    Spirit Voices - Paul Simon

    Fernando - Abba

    Voulez Vous - Abba

    Bends - Radiohead

    No Surprises - Radiohead

    White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane

    Today - Jefferson Airplane

    Tambourine Man - Bob Dylan

    Para Machuchar Meu Coracao - Getz and Gilberto

    Stand By Me - Ben E. King

    Beat On the Brat - the Ramones

    Sheena Is a Punk Rocker - the Ramones

    I Love, You Love - John Legend

    Everyday.People - Joan Jett

    Sweet Baby James - James Taylor

    Set Yourself On Fire - Stars

    Take Me To the Riot - Stars

    The Ghost of Genova Heights - Stars

    Barricade - Stars

    In Our Bedroom After the War - Stars

    Dead Hearts - Stars

    Wasted.Daylight - Stars

    I Died So I Could Haunt You - Stars

    We Don't Want Your Body - Stars

    The Passenger - Stars

    The Theory Of Relativity - Stars

    Backlines - Stars

    The North - Stars

    Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It - Stars

    Lights Changing Colour - Stars

    Walls - Stars

    Yes, there is such a bad thing as bad taste.

    No, I don't believe in censoring, but then I don't have any children.

    Yes, a person has to have heard more than one song to say they like an artist. But they can say that they like that particular song. You can get a feel for an artist after one song, but it's too small of a sampling to know whether you really like an artist or not.

    When I need new material, I do two things -- I pick up random cds from the library and I listen to Open Air (Colorado Public Radio).

    Hope this satisfies, it took hella long -- I'm on my phone and sleep deprived, so my thinking is a little hazy.


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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    My music taste is very wide, and strong.

    I can't stand most metalcore.

    My favourtite are:

    Sunny Day Real Estate


    The Cruxshadows

    All Gone Dead


    Blood on the Dancefloor

    Black Veil Brides

    Dirty Fat Pig


    Justin Bieber


    Rosetta Stone

    Siouxsie and the Banshees


    Alice Moving Under Skies

    Adam & the Ants



    Jesus on Extasy



    Embrace (American band)

    Terminal Choice (only one album though)


    Judas Priest

    Thomas Newman

    Creature Feature

    Chris Tilton

    I've having trouble writing them down because I only consider myself a proper fan if I have all their albums and like a certain amount of songs off each. I like Send Away the Tigers by Manic Street Preachers, but I wouldn't consider myself a fan of the band. I like them, but not enough. I am a fan of Sunny Day Real Estate because they are my favourite and I have heard all of their music, as well.

    My favourite songs are:

    A Crater to Cough in // Circle Takes The Square

    We Became Buried // Funeral Diner

    ...And the Cat Turned to Smoke // Orchid

    Move On // David Jordan

    Sun Goes Down // David Jordan

    The Storm // Of Mice & Men

    Black Family Anthem // The Parselmouths

    Buckbeak's Flight

    Symphony of Destruction // Megadeth

    Well no, I don't believe in a bad taste because all music is different.

    Except if they like Nicki Minaj and Bring Me The Horizon. Then that's bad.

    I think some music should be censored because little kids are listening to that... there's nothing much else to say.

    Of course, I mean you can't be a fan of the band if you like one song.

    I just search up on YouTube or Spotify if I want some new music. I'm always searching so I barely get bored.

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  • 4 years ago

    Alternative Rock

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  • 7 years ago

    1. How would you describe your music taste?


    2. What are your favorite music artists?

    Bad Religion, Anti-Flag, Agnostic Front, NOFX, Misfits, The Distillers, Rancid, Operation Ivy...and something lighter...The vaccines, Alt-J, Savages.

    3. What are your favorite songs?

    Bad Religion - F*ck You

    Anti-Flag - This Is The End (For you my friend)

    Agnostic Front - Gotta Go

    Misfits - Saturday Night

    Rancid - Hooligans

    Rancid - Cash, Culture & Violence

    NOFX - Linoleum

    Cockney Rejects - Oi! Oi! Oi!

    Savages - Shut Up

    4. Do you believe in such a thing like bad or good taste in music?


    5. Do you believe in censoring music?

    Not at all.

    6. Do you believe somebody has to listen to more than one song by an artist to truly say they like that artist?


    7. What do you do when you get sick of your main bands and want to try something new?

    I never get sick of them. I usually search the net for new bands though.

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  • 6 years ago

    Contemporary Christian Music is my favourite and it's my business. I'm also fond of alternative bands like Foster the People (especially the bass player!)

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  • nat
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    my favorite genres are: pop, light rock, hip hop, rap, R&B, adult contemporary, oldies, & classical, big band, new jack swing

    favorite artists:

    michael jackson

    janet jackson

    mariah carey

    britney spears




    jermaine dupri

    dr dre


    wu tang clan


    kanye west

    j cole

    frankie j

    sean paul

    keyshia cole


    justin timberlake

    jennifer lopez

    fat joe

    gym class heroes

    maroon 5

    jason mraz

    black eyed peas

    ed sheeran

    michael buble

    johan pachelbel




    nicki minaj

    lil wayne

    chris brown


    third eye blind


    eric clapton

    50 cent

    ja rule





    en vogue

    bruno mars

    javier colon

    pm dawn

    boyce avenue




    jay z

    linkin park



    favorite songs:

    1. Words- Anthony David & India Arie

    2. I'd Die Without You- PM Dawn

    3. so into you- tamia

    4. i'm missing you- case

    5. can't let you go- fabolous

    6. just can't enough- black eyed peas

    7. open arms- mariah carey (version)

    8. always be my baby- mariah carey

    9. when i'm gone- eminem

    10. still not a player- big pun

    11. 7- Prince

    12. you rocked my world- michael jackson

    13. together again- michael jackson

    14. u remind me- usher

    15. u make me wanna- usher

    16. canon in d- pachelbel

    17. '03 bonnie and clyde- jay z/beyonce

    18. ride wit me- nelly

    19. i'm real (remix)- jennifer lopez/ja rule

    20. what's love- fat joe/ashanti

    21. change the world-eric clapton

    22. my closest road dawgz- 2pac

    23. hypnotize- notorious b.i.g.

    24. mo money mo problems- notorious b.i.g.

    25. umbrella/singing in the rain- GLEE

    26. right thru me- nicki minaj

    27. moment for life- nicki minaj

    28. now i'm following you part 1- madonna

    29. high school- nicki minaj/lil wayne

    30. transform ya- chris brown/lil wayne

    31. everything- michael buble

    32. i can feel it coming in the air tonight- naturally 7 (version)

    33. jesu joy of man's desiring- bach

    34. the saint (love theme)- graeme revell

    35. twilight & mist- james horner

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  • 3 years ago

    My taste is fairly broad. My three favorite solo artists are Johnny Cash, Neil Young, and David Bowie. My three favorite bands are the Beatles, the Stones, and the Ramones.

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  • kitt
    Lv 4
    3 years ago


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  • 7 years ago

    Madonna, britney spears, Adele, ketty perry, Christina, jesse j, alex mica

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