Environmentally friendly oil based paint?

1.) Where can we purchase environmentally friendly,oil based, gloss, colored paints.

2.) Best way to dry; and how long does it take to dry, oil based paints.

Thank You.

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  • 7 years ago
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    1) I know of no environmentally friendly oil based/gloss paints. Every kind of paint (aside from body paint, anything going on the skin, or for children, is pretty much toxic) Oil paint is especially toxic.

    2) How long it takes for oil paint to dry depends on how thick the paint is. If the paint isn't thick, it can take a few days to dry. If the paint is thick, it could take more than 2 weeks. If you don't want to wait for paint to dry you can trying using 'alkyd'. You mix the alkyd with your oil and just paint as you usually would. However, keep in mind that alkyd will make your painting shiny and glossy if you put too much in your oil. I recommend a ratio of 1:1. Using that amount of alkyd, your painting should dry within a day if it's not thick. If it is thick, maybe 2-3 days.

    It doesn't matter how you leave your oil painting to dry, you can leave it on the easel or lying flat, but because oil paint takes time to dry you want to make sure it's in an area where nothing will smudge or ruin your painting. Also, because oil paint gives of toxic fumes that will cause health problems, make sure you have the window open or some sort of proper ventilation.

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  • Susan
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    4 years ago

    As a painter for over 20 years; latex will be fine. Just be sure to sand all surfaces, removing all varnish, sealer, etc. Then wipe clean, prime . I would recommend still using a flat latex primer, don't know if I would be content with the new paint/primer combo. Good luck!!

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