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海格力克斯的故事是每一個人的故事。海格力克斯是通過令人難以置信的困難,為了滿足他的生活的目的而奮鬥。 海格力克斯面對了更大,更困難的勞動他從他家的安全越走越遠。 你在英雄海格力克斯發?什麼力量和弱點? 你的生活的目的是什麼?你曾遇到什麼樣的挑戰,鬥爭或衝突,當你漸漸長大,遠離舒適的童年生活?你能從海格力克斯身上學到什麼?



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    Hager Alex's story is everyone's story. Alex Hager is incredibly difficult, in order to meet the purpose of his life and struggle. Alex Hager faced larger, more difficult labor from his family's safety farther and farther. Alex Haig made ​​you a hero? What strengths and weaknesses? Your Life What is the purpose? Have you ever encounter any kind of challenge, struggle or conflict, when you grew up, away from the comfort of childhood? You learn from what Rex Haig?

    This is true microcosm of life, life is constantly faced with a variety of topics, different life stages have different difficulties, challenges, you really want to continue to overcome, otherwise they would be pressed to give up the flat, one by one asked not the face, then this attitude escape no discernible law to live, no matter what, we must face, regardless of the method is wrong, learn from experience, to become later in life 'nutrients, and wisdom, which is everyone's fate, though just look a bit sad, pathetic humans, but life was so rich, is not it?

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