What are some degrees for the FBI?

I am looking for degrees to get into the FBI. I'm looking for the degrees for the Counterintelligence Division, Counter terrorism Division, and Criminal Investigative Division.

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    Becoming an FBI Special Agent is a very competitive process. Visit the FBI's website. Below are some minimum requirements to become an FBI Special Agent.

    You must be a U.S. citizen or a citizen of the Northern Mariana Islands. You must be at least 23 years of age, but younger than 37 upon your appointment as a Special Agent. Age waivers may be granted to preference eligible veterans who have surpassed their 37th birthday. You must possess a four-year degree from a college or university accredited by one of the regional or national institutional associations recognized by the United States Secretary of Education. You must have at least three years of professional work experience. You must also possess a valid driver's license and be completely available for assignment anywhere in the FBI's jurisdiction.

    You must have at least a 4 year college degree to become an FBI Special Agent. Any degrees that develop research and analytical skills are desirable educational backgrounds for FBI Special Agent candidates. You should consider choosing accounting, computer science, a foreign language, or law as your college major. Whatever major you choose, make the most of your time and money. Get the highest grade point average that you can, participate in a couple extracurricular activities, get a good internship, do some regular volunteer work, don't do anything illegal, and maintain a good reputation. Consider getting an advanced degree.

    Getting law enforcement officer jobs is becoming more and more competitive. Do whatever you can to make yourself the best candidate that you can. For example, keep a good driving record, don't get bad credit, improve all of your communication skills as much as possible, practice to improve your observation and memory skills, and become as physically fit as you can. Becoming an FBI Special Agent is a great goal. However, many federal agencies have criminal investigators or special agents. Consider trying to become a criminal investigator or special agent with other agencies too. Best of luck!

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