Flame reading?just read pleas?

Okay, so lately at night ive been lighting my huge candle and the flame keeps jumping around really crazily at times with a huge flame and then flickers around for awhile will just stop for a bit and have a nice steady flame. So tonight I lit the same candle, a incence and a new smaller stick candle. The incence and the stick candle flame are super steady, but the big one continues to flicker about. What could this mean? Yeah ive already checked for a draft such but.there is none, and last night I started.speaking aloud when my candle went really..crazy, and the flame responded and tgen finally stopped and.burned steady for the rest if the time.


No its not my breath because my candles are across the room a good 6 feet from me. And the melted wax is not messing with it I checked.

Update 2:

Maybe I should also state that ive been reading up on wicca over the past few months and that I do believe in spirits.

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    Unsteady fuel source.

  • 8 years ago


    Well it could be you are very close to the big candle that your breath is causing the flame to flicker?

    Is there no source of breeze affecting the flame?

    Otherwise, if both cases don't apply.. then either you can affect the flame with your power of thoughts..


    one bodiless soul is trying to entertain you.. (you are a soul but with a body)

    Have good feelings for that soul and don't show fear.. and ignore it.. mmmm anyways.. all options are covered here.

    [EDIT} Paul B's answer is also a possibility.. however if the wax already melted as he claims and still the flame is flickering.. then go back to above options.

    [EDIT] Spirits are real and they are simply souls that have adopted human bodies before.. like you.. died (soul leaved his previous body) and now is bodiless wandering around.. You could have invited in a bodiless soul.. but that soul could be either having good manners or bad manners like me and you.. like any human being acts.. because we are all souls..

    If the soul is good.. you can ask the soul with politeness and good feelings of love to please stop joking and wish it pure feelings of love, peace, happiness.. then it will understand.. respect your request and leave..

    It it's bad.. don't challenge.. keep giving good wishes as above.. as long as you respect it, give it good wishes and pure feelings.. it will leave you in the end.. don't challenge it anyways or shout .. be kind.

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    8 years ago

    The wax impregnated into the wick is causing it to burn unsteadily until the wick heats up enough to melt the wax lower down, resulting in a steadier flame.

  • Moon
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    8 years ago

    i bought a big candle sometimes before to survive the power cut. It burned out melting all over by half the time a smaller one burn.

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  • 8 years ago

    oh jeez, another silly children's game. Next you'll be asking about a Ouija board or saying the "bloody mary"

    you silly kids and your stupid attempts to pretend supernatural things.

  • 8 years ago

    It means nothing at all; do not get hung up on stuff like that . people will think you are weird.

  • 8 years ago

    if you are looking at it that means you are facing it. its your breathe...

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