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How to bond with my horse and gain her trust?

She is a 3 year old filly that had a bad past with humans. She is not even halter broke, and has many scars from when she ran into barb wire and her owners never treated it. Her life was pretty much spent in a tiny isolated pen standing in her own manure all day. She had hardly any human contact and was never out of her enclosure. Poor girl was a mess when I got her! But you can see why she distrusts humans. I've finally gotten to the point where she will give me two eyes, and sometimes come up to me when I go out to the pasture with her. But I've made no more progress in the three months I've had her. Any ideas?

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    spend lots of time in the paddock with her, but just ignore her. Go out and read a book in the paddock with her, listen to music, do whatever. Let her get really used to your presence. She will be interested in you eventually, probably come and sniff you or graze near you. Maybe keep come carrots or something in your pocket and reward her when she comes and checks you out. I did this when i got my first horse. She was a dead broke beginners horse but didn't have much personality other than bitchy and stubborn and didn't care much for anybody. Doing this helped build our relationship and was the start to us having an incredible bond. She turned out to be such a sweet, kind little horse. Once she trusts you more, get her used to you touching her all over. Take it slow at first and award the little things. Eventually you should be able to touch her anywhere on her body without her caring. I don't know much about halter breaking a horse, but maybe after you can try rubbing a rope or halter on her body and getting her used to it. Let her sniff it and touch her cheek with it and let her know it won't hurt her. again take this very very slow and reward her! If she lets you slip it over her face, don't do it up, just reward, and slip it off. You can keep doing this slowly, leaving it on her for longer periods off time until she accepts it completely. You want her to trust you and know that you will protect her. I see so many people just take a scared horse and force it into a halter or other kind of tack, only making it more afraid. Be slow and gentle and she will come along faster than you think.

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    Just spend lot's of time with her, make sure your the one that feeds her and if you can get her into a round yard i would suggest Join up (you can find more about this on Monty roberts or online) Also check out parrelli and many of these natural horsemanship sites.

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