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Life asked in Computers & InternetSoftware · 7 years ago

Where do I get ilife on macbook pro without cd?

I bought a used macbook pro late 2008 and it did not come with the ilife cd and I wanted to know if there was a way to get the ilife cd for free? Every time i go to the app store it tells me I have to pay $15.00 for each app such as iMovie, garageband, and etc.

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  • 7 years ago
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    "it did not come with the ilife cd"

    It actually did come with an "Applications Install DVD" from Apple that has iLife on it, but the guy who sold you this computer couldn't bear to part with his precious DVD. You should have refused to buy the computer unless he included the DVD. Maybe then he wouldn't be such a miser. The world hates a miser. What's he gonna do with a 2008 DVD, sell it for 20 bucks on eBay?

    Now you can just buy a DVD yourself. How can you expect to get it for free? Even if you wanted to go into a shop and steal it off the shelf, they don't have such old stuff on shop shelves now.

    Buy it at the link below for $14.


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