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Urinary track infection or just my body acting weird?

Well, about three to four days ago, I noticed my urine was a light, and cloudy yellow. I didn't really think anything of it.

I've been having sharp pains in my lower back, just above my waist that last for a few seconds, but I can't move when they happen.

Well, yesterday I started my period (on time), and I've been drinking tea and v8 quiet a lot lately, and having to urinate frequently, but when I do, usually only a few drops come out.

Yesterday, while walking in the 88°f weather, I got sudden chills about three times.

I decided to tell my dad as soon as I realized I might have something wrong, and he told me that its not UTI because it doesn't burn or hurt whenever I Urinate.

Does this sound to anyone like UTI or something else, or is it just my body acting weird?/:


I'm 14 years old, female and NOT sexually active.

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