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Is it necessary to join JROTC, sea cadets, or young marines to have a good chance of getting into Annapolis?

I'm a freshman (girl) in high school and have been interested in attending the US Naval Academy for quite a while now. The only problem is that I don't live close to any of the places where the programs are locate, I've heard from a friend that not being in one of those programs can decrease your chances of getting in by a lot, is that true? Do you know anyone who attends a military academy that has not been in one of those programs? I'm an all honors student, run cross country and track, am in excellent physical fitness, and have accumulated 42 volunteer hours this summer alone. Will not being in these programs seriously decreases my chances of getting accepted?

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    Those are good choices, but are by no means the only options. Whatever clubs or organizations you do decide to participate in (you had better be participating in SOME extracurricular activities), you should be striving to ensure you take on a leadership position whenever possible.

    We didn't have any of those at my high school. But, I joined the Spanish Club. I joined the Rotary/Interact Club. I was a member of the National Honor Society, and took on some minor leadership position there. The local police department had an Explorer post, so I joined that and after a while was selected as the Explorer commander.

    There are bound to be extracurricular activities around - whether it's through school, church, or the community. (You know what also shows leadership if you're up to it -- START the kind of club you're looking for. Having to figure out how to sponsor it, getting people interested, getting it off the ground - those are all valuable experience that clearly show a lot of drive. If you don't have something like that in mind, don't worry...I wouldn't have known what to do to get an entire club conceptualized and actually running in high school).

    It sounds like you've gotten a good bit of the rest taken care of, also. Keep taking advanced classes (check out the USNA web page for recommendations of the types of math and sciences, etc. that you should hopefully take). I did cross country and track, also. Volunteering is a plus.

    One other thing: the summer after your junior year, you can attend the Naval Academy Summer Seminar. You apply during the school year, and it's a great way to spend a week getting an introduction to USNA. Also, it you do well, it's a bit of a plus for your application (though not attending doesn't preclude you from getting into Annapolis).

    Anyway, to summarize: not joining those clubs in particular won't matter. You just have to do SOME activities, do them well, and demonstrate leadership.

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    i attended a military school for HS and we fed a TON of people into USAFA, Annapolis and West Point and not a single one of those people had experience in those clubs(?). the most important thing is making yourself appealing for the Navy to want you...so that means near-perfect grades, a well balanced mix of extracurriculars and sports (you MUST be in good shape to attend a service academy and you could get kicked out for being out of shape) get a good rec from a congressman, and good citizenship (no legal trouble, dont do drugs, etc). The Naval Academy is one of the hardest schools in the world to get into, so start early!

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    No. Most people that get in have never been in one of those programs. Most just do sports. Will it be a plus if you joined one? Yes. But it isn't going to make the selection board go "wow".

    Try to get on the varsity team of the sports you're doing, keep doing community service and make sure your GPA is near the 4.0 mark.

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    you dont really "apply", you either enlist, or do the officer route. it will however increase your chances of getting in, as any rotc does with all the branches. i wasnt under the impression there was that much of a wait time ( a friend of mine is a coast guard Lieutenant commander , and he said it wasnt that bad for the officer route, the enlisted have a much harder time) you enlist from the recruiting office , so probably wait till you move to FL

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    Sea Cadets Annapolis

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