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what countries have the hottest women in your opinion?

to me is like this

england (hot, busty great style)

rest of europe (almost the same but other exotic styles)

cuba (the hottest women on earth maybe but.. there is a butt)

america (The hot ones are hot, but most are insanely skinny cuz of the gay made fashion or very fat, not a great style)

mexico (many of the best mixed races girls are in here and they are hot and more open than americans but they also have issues that make them look a lil rude)

colombia-chile (hot rockin bodies, really the best bodies)

venezuela (many miss universes at this country)

japan (great idea of what sexy means exotic Beauty style, some of the hottest models on earth)

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    Try Poland. Polish women are frankly beautiful and adorable.

    Some hot ones include: Marta Zmuda.... Dorota Rabczewska.... Natalia Siwiec.. Joanna Krupa

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  • Brazil



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    All of them.

    If I were to say which ones do I think especially has them. I would say India, Mexico, Brazil, and Spain.

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    7 years ago

    IBIZA! omg the bodies and beauty's there are out of this world

    Source(s): went on holiday to ibiza for a week
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    Brazil!!!! Brazil Brazil Brazil.

    Look them up in Google, your d*ck will explode.

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    Not America thats for sure lol tubbies

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    Venezuelan, Mexican, Colombian, Brazilian girls are made out of plastic.

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