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The different cultures that immigrated to Peru?

I'm doing a research paper about Peruvian food and how different cultures such as Incas, Nazca, Lima, Chavín, Moche, Paracas, Chachapoyas, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and Africans shaped Peruvian food. I want to know if I'm missing cultures that I can add to my research paper.

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    Peru is very diverse and has had immigrants of almost all cultures imaginable. Peru is actually 1 of only 5 countries that has no racial majority. At first, there were Indian cultures in peru, just like in all parts of the Americas. When the Europeans came, they conquered the main Indian group, the Inkas, just like the Inkas used to do to other Indian groups. Many Spanish came to the Spanish colony in Peru, and often married Indians. The Spanish also brought Black slaves. After independence from Spain in 1821, many other European and Asian groups immigrated in large numbers. Especially French, German, italian, Chinese , Japanese.

    Much of Peruvian food is directly derived from native indian foods, and on parts of the coastal region it is often from or mixed with Spanish and/or African styles. There is a great deal of Italian food, especially on the coast, and Chifa (Chinese-Peruvian food) is extremely popular in all areas, but especially the coast. There are Chinese restaurants on almost every corner in Lima. Some streets in Lima have 10 or more Chinese restaurants. And I have heard that Lima has over 8,000 Chinese restaurants (but only 8,000 seems like an underestimation to me). Spanish influence is the strongest of all the influences on the coast, and many foods are a mixtures of Spanish, African, Asian, and native Indian. Native Indian food is more popular in the mountains.

    Ceviche, which is sometimes considered the "national food" of Peru, has several different theories about it's origin. .

    It's interesting to note that, several popular food and drinks in peru were invented by immigrants. Cusqueña beer, the national beer of Peru, was invented in Cusco in 1908 by German-Peruvian Ernesto Günther. Pisco Sour, a Peruvian alcaholic beverage, was invented in Lima in about 1915 by an immigrant from the united states. Pollo a la Brasa, which is very popular, was invented by Swiss immigrant Roger Schuler in Lima in the 1950s. Inca Kola, the Peruvian national soda, was invented in Lima in 1935 by Immigrant from England José Lindley. It is still owned by the Lindley family today.

    Today, international food and restaurant chains are very popular, and especially in major cities, Mcdonald's, Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Burger King, Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks, T.G.I. Friday's, KFC, and others are very popular. Peru has it's own fast food chain, Bembos, that started in Lima, and has spread to most other cities in peru, and has also opened in India recently.

    Any more questions, feel free to ask, I would love to tell you about my country!

    Source(s): I am from Peru.
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    Aymara people.

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