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How do I tell my therapist I've been having suicidal thoughts?

I've been having suicidal thoughts for a few months now but i haven't told my therapist yet. At this point in time, I'm not actually going to commit suicide because of how much it will hurt my family. I don't want to be admitted and I'm not that much of a harm to myself to be admitted but I am afraid that they will do it anyways. Is there things I can say, certain ways to explain it, or a certain way to put it when I tell my therapist? If I tell them, will they admit me?

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    "I am having suicidal thoughts."

    Your therapist has probably heard this hundreds of times.

    Remember the therapist it there to help you get over these feelings.

    Use him/her for their expertise, and get better!

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    I have been in this position myself many of times.

    The best way to explain it is basically how you already have. Just because you are having these thoughts never means you have to act on them. Explain it like you are having them, but you have no intention to act on them. They cross your mind now and then but you know it would be a mistake and you wouldn't do anything because it would hurt your family. :3

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    It'll be best to go on and tell your therapist. Don't forget to add that you don't believe you ever will because of your family. It's better that he/she knows. :)

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    just tell her how you feel hun

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