Why is Paris Jackson completely a blonde haired blue eyed white person and not at all a little black?

It would seem with all of the features that she could have gotten from Michael that she would have maybe gotten one... Who are her real parents since Debbie Rowe is reported to only be a surrogate mother as well?

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    6 years ago
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    It's a mess, there are several who could be her father. Debbie was mother of first two. I think Dr Arnold Klein is father of Prince, been suggested lately Paris could have a different father possibly actor Mark Lester.

    Lester has offered to do a DNA test. I hope Paris gets answers about the background that she needs. She's distressed atm and probably confused but I don't think she's a fool, she knows people can have certain motives. But I do hope the biological parents step up do the right thing and show her some caring, that they don't take advantage of their status.

    It won't ever be a full parent child connection, she will always see MJ as a parent figure and he was. Though it may have been a strange way to grow up.

    She shouldn't have to take on MJ's issues either she isn't MJ and should have her own life.

    Someone on here accused her of denying her heritage and trying too hard to be white, they seriously asked why she doesn't grow an Afro? Because she can't duh. They want MJ to have left behind biological kids because they can't let go of him but that's very unfair, people expecting you to be your parents and take their place...

    Would a paternity expert accept having similar looking teeth as evidence? Her teeth are still growing and it's one tooth. Nothing else looks the same. Lester has teeth much the same too... I'm 99 per cent certain those kids are from someone else. She's not even exotic looking, she looks full Anglo.

  • Anna E
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    6 years ago

    Debbie Rowe is her biological mother, not a surrogate. It is rumored that the biological father of both Paris and Prince is actually Michael's dermatologist (Debbie Rowe worked in the dermatologist office), but since Michael signed the birth certificate when the children were born, he is the legal father of the children. He claimed to be their biological father, but I have doubts about this and always have.

  • 4 years ago

    1. Paris NEVER had naturally blonde hair!!

    2. Paris NEVER had "blue" eyes, like her mom!!

    Paris's hair is naturally brown and naturally kinked, as his her older brother's, Prince!!

    Paris had PALE GREEN eyes - more like her granddad, Joe Jackson.#

    NONE of the kids were EVER really white (They are SALLOW) and Blanket even darker - Due to Latino mother.

    Debbie Rowe is not just white, she is extremely PALE white - and the kids SURE didn't get their SALLOW skin from her and another white dude.

    MJ was NEVER very black (Which is really dark brown) - he was a chocolate brown.

    All the Jacksons - (Due to BOTH parents having Cherokee AND European blood) have mixed DNA!!

    How DARE you question what mixed-raced kids should come out looking like? They can come out looking darker or lighter than what most perceive as mixed-race! People like some of you here, are an insult to ALL mixed-raced kids. Check out Quincy Jones's daughter, Rashida Jones, who has very similar colouring to Paris - Same black / white parenting - only Debbie Rowe is even MORE pale than Rashida's mother.

    Science my butt ...Mixed-race are the MOST diverse of ALL, and once you are mixed-race, the laws of biological math go out the window.

    Many posters here haven't a CLUE about the diverse and limitless biological make-up of mixed-race kids.

    (Rolls eyes)!!

  • Well you see Paris Jackson is biracial as they say. The mother of Paris is Debbie Rowe an she is white. I think the children is not Micheal Jackson kids bc they look white. you see Michael Jackson was a sperm donator. , but the children is his bc he raised them from a infant , so if she not black that still his child.

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  • 4 years ago

    Paris Jackson looks exactly like her sister Harriot Lester, therefore Mark Lester is her biological father

  • 6 years ago

    Paris does have a little darker skin and she is not blonde. She has Michael's smile and teeth and a high cheek bone like the other lady Jacksons. Look up Samantha Barks who played the French girl Eponine in the movie Les Miserables. Her mother is African Jamaican who happened to marry a white British man. Samantha Barks "passes" as a white girl and so does Paris Jackson. Both even act white (which is weird for Paris since she has always lived with black people - besides her siblings) and that is o.k. Paris Jackson is Michael Jackson's biological daughter and she just happens to have come out as a "white girl"

    Check out Samantha Barks: http://www.aceshowbiz.com/images/wennpic/samantha-...

  • 4 years ago

    Another question to ask is, "If Michael is Paris father, then where did Michael s recessive blue eyed gene come from?" Anonymous is right. It IS science. Or better yet, it is genetics.

  • 3 years ago

    Paris, go to 23andMe and send in your DNA, You may find unknown cousins. You may have the same grandparents. I found a first cousin, that my family didn't know about. Grandma had a secret affair. He didn't look like anyone in his family. Dark hair, and skin. The rest of his family had blond hair, and light skin . Sorry grandma, the cat is out of the bag.

  • 6 years ago

    Debbie Rowe with Arnold Klein.I mean Michael took sperm from Arnold Klein,one of his doctors,and was loved with Debbie.So,Arnold is her biological father and not Michael..

  • 6 years ago

    shes not naturally blonde, her hair is the same color as princes' Paris has the same cheeks and smile as michael her personality is similar too. Debbie is her mom and Michaels the dad. I have no doubts.

    Source(s): Long-time Michael fan
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