Which Harry Potter Actors and Actresses are dead (real life people)?

I'm just curious because I just saw that know Richard Griffiths is dead. I also found out that Robert Knox was killed too.

Who else?

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    the 1st guy who played Albus Dumbledore(Richard Harris)

    Robert Knox, who played Marcus Belby

    Elizabeth Spriggs who played the fat lady in the first movie

    Timothy Bateson, who voiced Kreacher in Order of the Phoenix

    Jimmy Gardner, who played the Knight Bus driver Ernie Prang in Prisoner of Azkaban

    Alfred Burke, who played Armando Dippet in Chamber of Secrets

    Sheila Allen, who played a Ministry Witch in Goblet of Fire

    Eric Sykes, who played Frank Bryce in Goblet of Fire

    And of course Richard Griffiths

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    Harry Potter Actors And Actresses

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    Richard Harris, who originally played Dumbledore in the first 2 movies, died in 2002.

  • 8 years ago

    the actor playing Dumbledore in the first two HP movie installments died before the 3rd was cast:

    Richard Harris

    Source(s): check IMDb for his date of death
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    i don't know about that one, but have you seen her in "Dead Again", it's an awesome movie...

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