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Il Volo, Il Mondo/ Gira El Mundo Gira?

So I am dying to find out who sings the first two verses of "Gira El Mundo Gira" from the Italian Band, Il Volo. I've heard that Gianluca sings it, but I'm not sure if they switch or something because the voice sounds a little bit different and since they're all tenors it's hard to differentiate their voices..

No, por esta noche no quiero pensar en ti

Cierro mis ojos para no extrañarte así

Y alrededor el mundo gira como siempre.

Gira, el mundo gira

En las calles, en la gente

Corazones que se encuentran

Corazones que se pierden

Alegrías y dolores de la gente como yo.

I'd greatly appreciate if you could please tell me who sings the rest of the song as well and what verse does each band member sings. I'll give 10 points and 5 star rating to the person with the best answer and thank you!! :)


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Thank you soooo much!!!! Wow, I didn't know that, but that would explain why his voice is my favorite out of the three! :P They actually sing in English sometimes too and I totally agree!! xD Well, I live in Miami, FL and they're having a concert on September 21 and I'm going, but I don't know if they'll have one near you. :/ But these are the places where they're going to perform this year in the US:

Upcoming events

IL Volo

Sep 21 - Miami, FL (near you)

Il Volo

Aug 25 - Vancouver, BC

Il Volo

Aug 27 - Concord, CA

Il Volo

Aug 28 - Los Angeles, California

Il Volo

Aug 30 - Fresno, CA

Il Volo

Sep 1 - Phoenix, AZ

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    I've seen the video, (it is not a moving video but shows each one as they are singing. ) OSoleeMioo is the person who put it in youtube, March 30th, 2012) He/she has many Il Volo videos in youtube.

    Gianluca sings both verses, in the chorus, Piero sings the first part then Ignazio sings, and a bit where they all sing, both choruses are sung like that except that the last part Ignazio comes in towards the last and then they all finish it.


    btw, Gianluca is a Baritone, where Piero & Ignazio are both tenors. I know sometimes they are advertised as the Italain tenors, but I heard it out of Gianlucas own mouth he is a baritone..

    I can only speak English and didn't understand a word of it but I LOVED IT ! And I just LOVE these guys ! I first seen them on American Idol 3 years ago. I'm hoping they will come to some place close to me, I so want to see them in person.

    Source(s): Youtube Gira El Mundo Gira - Il Volo/ Spanish version-
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