help with hosting a foreign exchange student?

i have been thinking about hosting a foreign exchange student for a few months now. I was wondering what is a good way to bring this up with my parents. Also, do you have and suggestions on good programs to get a student through. Is there any country you have preferred to get your student from. I don't mean to sound racist at all, i have just heard that students from some countries are more snobby and don't want to interact with the family and they do not have a good understanding of English . So as i said those are just stories i heard and i have no idea if there is any truth to them or not. Also we would have to get a female and she would have to share a room with me. Do you have any suggestions on how to make sharing a room work out the best?

thanks so much!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Hi Tori,

    Hosting an exchange student is a really great way to learn about another country's culture! I think a good way to bring it up to your parents would be to bring up the benefits of intercultural learning and how learning about other cultures helps you learn and process information better in addition to looking great on college applications. A good website to go through would be, which has a list of study abroad programs. Many of these programs facilitate hosting as well. Off the top of my head, I know AFS has a Canadian office, and giving them a call directly would get you in touch with someone who can get you connected to hosting. You can specify things like what language you'd like them to speak (like if you would want a French-speaking host sibling) or that you would have to share a room with any host student; most study abroad organizations will take this into account when placing a host sibling of the same gender with you.

    As for sharing the room, most countries have policies about exchange students, so definitely make sure to have proper accommodations (i.e. a real bed, versus a pull-out couch or futon) in place before hosting. Sharing a room can be really great as long as you set some base rules and make sure to accommodate each other's sleeping schedules.

    Generally, students who study abroad do so to learn English and become familiar with their host country's language. I'm sure any student you get would be really open to learning and interacting with your family.

    Good luck with hosting! I'm sure you and your family will have a wonderful time with your new host sibling.

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