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How can I (a male) achieve multiple orgasms while masturbating?

When I masturbate, I can only have one or two orgasms. I want to have more than two, but sometimes, I just sit there rubbing my penis forever, and nothing happens. Also, sometimes my hand will start to feel weird. I think that has to do with the lotion not being as slippery after some time. I have heard of the stop-and-go method, and will try that, but I want to know if there are any other methods for having multiple orgasms while masturbating if you are a male.

Thank you for your answers.

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    I must admit that I do not fully understand your question.

    It would seem to me that if you are achieving one or two orgasms per masturbation then that is pretty good. There are some guys who have trouble achieveing one orgasm.

    Of course there are guys who achieve multiple orgasms - my brother is one - but that is not so common on a global scale.

    It would be interesting if you are measuring each squirt of an ejaculation as one orgasm or if you mean the collective of several ejaculations as one orgasm. Technically an orgasm is a collective thing, where any number of "squirts" will amount to one orgasm, and then another orgasm is a separate series or "squirts" usually separated by either a period of time or a separate sexual activity.

    I am not at all sure what you mean by stop and go methods. You really need to be clearer in describing what your question is about.

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    I know this is hard to accept, but for guys it really cant happen. The whole "multiple orgasm" thing means having more than one orgasm in a row, one after another with no gap in between - so it would feel like a really long orgasm. For guys, once you ejaculate you have to wait a while and then start again. It has something to do with hormones and different chemical reactions in the male brain. Once a guy ejaculates your brain basically tells your penis "you've done your job, good lad! relax now...." and you need 5 -10 mins before your penis can wake up and say "To hell with that!!!!! I never said I was done!"

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    Dude u rub ur penis not a water,the amount yu r ejaculating should be satisfactory for you..

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    space out your sessions: mbate,hobby,mbate,read a book, mbate, go outside, mbate, movies ...

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