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Ps4 or Xbox one? POLL?

Answer in one word "ps4 or Xbox". I am going with ps4 after having Xbox since 2007. Creepy how they can watch you on kinect too haha

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    If you are so worried about the Kinect watching you why do you have a phone or computer???

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    Xbox One

    No ones watching you on the kinect, do you honestly think they'll sift through the millions of hours of footage? All for what? People jumping around like idiots and shouting commands at it? Don't be stupid. They've bundled the kinect with the console to get the kinect out there, kinect games suck because nobody wants to develop for them, they'll only back dance and fitness games. If every single XB1 owner has a kinect then developers will be more likely to actually use it.

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    Yeah, Ive been a Xbox fan for quite sometime now but i really dont feel like paying for the kinect.

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    Ps4 will be really good...though xbox 360 was better than ps3 IMO

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    I would say xbox one. I know they reversed there policys and such but the xbox one is the future of gameing. Not just one gameing counsol. And why would you get a pc that you have to up grade every few years? And a good gameing computer is around 1000 $ so counsol gameing is cheaper anyways.

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    They can't "watch" you. You can turn the Kinect off whenever you want. I talked to Xbox support.

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    Simply because Microsoft failed. Windows 7, awesome... Xbone... just not.

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    Dont get either, just go to pc, its more worth it than a 400 - 500$ console and getting spied on. Invasion of privacy much? Ive been playin xbox for 5 years and they are now way worse.

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    the xbox live will still be a difference

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