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how to work at pia airline in heathrow termial 3? Pakistan International Airlines (pk)?

I want to find out how i can work as a ground staff at Heathrow terminal 3, can someone provide me with a link or a contact please. 10points!!!

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    Most airlines have various positions for ground staff:

    customer service

    baggage handlers

    ramp workers

    operations personnel

    Maybe be more specific about which job you want.

    A simple internet search would answer your questions.

    Here is the link for PIA.


    Click on "corporate" and then on "careers"

    Some airlines hire their own staff for ground crew and others use contract staff.

    Or go to the website for Heathrow airport and look under jobs.

    Or do an internet search for PIA ground crew Heathrow.

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    Pia Heathrow

  • 4 years ago

    You need a Sifarish from any minister or from higher authorities of PIA.

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