lt1 rear mount turbo turbo oil feed help ? can i use a remote oil tank to feed the turbo ?realy dnt want lines?

on my 97 lt1 . trying to make a custom rear mount turbo set up . wanna do something diffrent less complex and reliable for street use . dont want lines from engine to turbo then back to the engine .. using a remote can with oil feeding the turbo and returning back to the tank . using the heat wrap for turbo keeping the oil cool and extending life . any ideas ?? please help

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  • 7 years ago
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    You're thinking of the oil feed system for an STS-style rear mount. If you're doing something custom, you can look at the following:

    Seeing if a procharger-type self-contained turbo would work.

    Rigging up an oil reservoir with oil cooler and pump/scavenge pump setup.

    The oil return system on the standard STS system actually provides a service - the oil lines to and from the turbo serve as their own cooling unit, which helps prolong oil life (and turbo life as well). It'd likely be even more effective if you took the oil cooler from the "standalone" system and plumb it into the oil lines to the engine - it'll serve to help keep the 'charged engine cooler as well as supply the turbo.

    Either way, if you have a line-type system or standalone system, I recommend integrating a low-pressure switch to an in-car light/buzzer, so if something does happen to your oil supply, you will be alarmed, and capable of shutting down before you cook your turbo.

    Source(s): Own a 95 Z28; planning on an STS install. Thought of putting together a similar system!
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    Rear Mount Turbo Oil Pump

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