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James Patterson or John Green?

I am in a high school book club and need to pick out the first author, so which of the two do you think would attract more attention and will get people really into the books. Also could you leave your favorite book of the chosen author.

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    I've read plenty from both authors. I love the ideas both come up with however with James Patterson if you read any of his books that's a series it generally gets worse as it goes on. So you'll love the first book and from there you'll start liking it a little less as the series goes on.

    James Patterson has more fictional and crime related books so if most of your book club members generally like those two genre's better I suggest you go with his books.

    John Green has the sadder books with deeper meanings in them. They've made me cry but he writes them so beautifully and you really get attached to the characters. You may have heard that one of his books is being turned into a movie (The Fault in Our Stars) and if any of your book club members want to see the movie you should probably go with John Green and make them read this book before it's turned into a movie.

    I'm fairly sure James Patterson has more books published so you'd have a wider range of books to choose from but personally I think John's books are better quality.

    Hope I helped.

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    I'd pick John Green, but it depends on what you think the people you're picking for would like. You know them better than I do. But I believe John Green is a better author.

    My favourite John Green book is Paper Towns, but The Fault In Our Stars is a close second. I've only read one book by James Patterson - Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment - and I thought it was terrible.

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    Definitely Patterson

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    It all depends on the reader's preference, because the genres that the authors write in are both quite different. In my opinion, John Green is the better author. I prefer his writing style, his humor, the world he creates. I believe that his writing would appeal to high schoolers more than the work of Patterson's work would.

    John Green's book "The Fault in Our Stars" is an incredible novel. It made me laugh, cry, giggle and sob. He drew me in and made me feel what the characters would. It is also becoming a movie, so you can read the book before hand and perhaps compare it to what the director would've done?

    I hope I helped :) . Enjoy your book club!

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    John Green!

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    John Green hands down

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    He's one of my favorite authors.

    I would suggest the Maximum Ride series or the Daniel X series. Both are completely amazing. Lots of plot and character development.

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    There is no question: John Green. He's just amazing, I promise. My favorite book by him is Looking for Alaska, but "literally" everything he does is just so awesome. Teens love his books, even ones that wouldn't normally enjoy reading. They are not only entertaining, but also hilarious. I love all of his books. Be warned, they can be a little controversial, and get a little inappropriate, but that's part of why I love them!

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    definitely john green.

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