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What would your dream 400m dash field look like?

If I had to pick a field for a 400m dash that would just be interesting, it would be

Christophe Lemaitre-n/a, Usain Bolt-45.28, Kerron Clement-44.48, Javier Culson-45.99, Kirani James-43.94, LaShawn Merritt-43.75, Duane Solomon-45.98, David Rudisha-45.50

Now, we know that James and Merritt would be one-two finish but the rest is wide open. Just put them in the finishing order here's mine

1. Kirani James

2. LaShawn Merritt

3. Kerron Clement

4. Usain Bolt

5. David Rudisha

6. Duane Solomon

7. Christophe Lemaitre

8. Javier Culson

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    The whole Rudisha/Bolt comparison in 400m is always interesting, though I think at this point Bolt probably has it in him to beat Rudisha in a 400m.

    However, my top all time field would be something along the lines of this:

    1. Kirani James

    2. LaShawn Merrit5

    3. Jeremy Wariner (in his prime)

    4. Michael Johnson (prime)

    5. Darold Williamson (prime)

    6. Angelo Taylor (prime)

    7. Jonathan Borlée

    8. Open

    Or something along those lines. You could probably go back through history and find more intimidating lineup, but I dunno, that's the best I can think of with athletes who've competed in the last few years (with the exception of Johnson, but it just seems like a travesty to forget about him ): But if I were to really go back I'd probably add in Butch Reynolds or something).

    EDIT: that's not the finishing lineup, lol, that's the lane lineup. Finishing would probably be 1) Johnson/Wariner 2) Johnson/Wariner 3) James 4) Merritt 5) Williamson 6) Taylor 7) Borlee

    Anyways, only changes that I'd make to your list is probably Borlées > Lemaitre and Solomon, since they've been in pretty good form lately. Other than that, your list looks fantastic.

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