I'm nearly 18 and never had a boyfriend?

My three best friends from high school have always had no trouble with boys?

One is in a relationship with a very serious guy she met in an internship( he always acts like they're gonna get married and she usually feels a little bit freaked out but she loves him I swear its adorable lol) and they've been together for over a year.

The other is in a relationship with a man ( co-worker to be exact) who's eight years older and they've been together since she was 16 and a sophomore. He's great to her and yes don't judge that he was 24 when she was still in high school, they've been together for several years and he really loves her.

My other best friend is a total babe and has so many dates and has had a string of exes ( i usually dont approve of her lifestyle but she's the sweetest person on earth)

I've never kissed a boy or had any guy like me or even approach me.

My co-worker ( who is also one of my good friends) is always talking about how guys are obsessed with her looks ( to me she has an average body but hey they like her) Honestly i used to be so happy for her but now she tells me that i'm fat and gives that fake smile when we talk about me and my lack of male attention, she usually just laughs and says "haha.." At first I thought she was just being a btch but ....

Now i'm seriously wondering if i am ugly or something..... Boys used to laugh at me when i was in middle school so my self-esteem is pretty low.

My best friends say its okay once we're out in the real world I'll have guys to date and stuff, yeah I'm not desperate i'm just worried I'm going to be single forever.

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    6 years ago
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    Of course you are not going to be dateless forever. Everyone has stages in their life when they seem to bloom and everything falls into place - you find talking to the opposite sex just becomes easier, you become confidant and you look really good - but everyone is different. Ok, so up until now you have not been chased by the boys but it will happen - trust me. And about 18 / 19 it will probably happen soon. Don't listen to this other girl - she is bigging herself up by putting others down - and that is pretty ugly!

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