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Which name do you like best for a girl?

I absolutely love playing around with baby names. Which names do you like best for second baby? first one is named Daniel. Rate, comment and middle name suggestions please.











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    Sofia- 8/10 (mn- Elizabeth or Mae) *

    Elena- 10/10 (mn- Grace or Kate) *

    Nora- 2/10 (mn- Leigh or Elizabeth)

    Adrienne- 4/10 (mn- Elise or Marie)

    Isabel- 9/10 (mn- Gracie or Marie) *

    Noah Foster

    Noah Elliot

    Noah Dalton

    Hope I helped :)

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    I love all those names except Santiago - I think in combination with Daniel the styles are too different.

    I like classic names so I go with classics for middle name suggestions:

    Sofia Alice

    Elena Grace

    Nora Elisabeth

    Adrienne Rose

    Isabel Sophie

    Joshua Luke

    Joseph Andrew

    Noah Alexander

    Adrian James

    Santiago Paul

    My top choice would be: Daniel and Sofia Alice or Daniel and Adrian James

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    Lovely names! Here are some middle name suggestions:

    ◊ Sofia Rose

    ◊ Elena Jade

    ◊ Nora Michelle

    ◊ Adrienne Joelle

    ◊ Isabel Khloé (preferably Isobel but Isabel is cute too!)

    Personal Favorite: Isabel Khloé

    ◊ Joshua Beau

    ◊ Joseph Caspar

    ◊ Noah Parker

    ◊ Adrian Louis

    ◊ Santiago Justin (Justin Santiago)

    Personal Favorite: Joshua Beau

    Hope you like my suggestions but remember to follow your heart! xoxo

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    Elena or Nora. Definitely not Sofia or Isabel they're lovely names but they're way too popular every other kid on the playground is a Sofia or an Isabel. Last year in my class (I teach kindergarten) I had a Sophia, Sofia, and a Sofie. I also had two Isabella's and an Isabelle.

    The boy names are all gorgeous though.

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    Elena and sofia

    Joshua and joseph

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  • 7 years ago

    sofia and isabel

    Joshua and noah

    Joshua is the best boy name ever my sons name rocks!

  • 7 years ago

    Sofia and Elena (my sister name is elena but you pronounce it el-e-na.)

    Joshua and Noah

  • 7 years ago

    Elena for girl, joseph or noah for boy. I also love when baby girls have boy names or unisex names like noah, sam, joey, alex etc., especially when they grow up to be girly c:

  • 7 years ago

    Elena & Adrian

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