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Is walmart bicycle good enough for gentle casual riding?

I am looking a decent cheap bike for casual riding to stores and neibors houses. I was wondering if these bikes are good and its from craigs list. Mongoose NR-75, Next Power Climber, and a Rhino Amplifier which I am not familliar and I hardly can find any info about it. All these bikes are 60 bucks, 1 1/2 years old and each has dual suspension.

From all the reviews I have seen about this, it seems to have a bad rating. I figure they are rough with the bikes concidering its a low end recycled bike. I am gentle with my things and treat it as pet as I like to do some home maintenance.

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    Don't buy a bike with suspension, especially a cheap one. Several reasons for this...

    1) Every time you add something (like suspension) something gets taken away (like better wheels or better drivetrain). You don't get something for nothing;

    2) Compare the price ($60) with what you spend each month for your cell phone or internet service. Think thats equitable, or do you think that maybe you should spend more on something that could last you years;

    3) If you are considering one of those bikes used, forget it. You don't know if it has been taken care of and you can't tell just by looking. When you buy used, you get no warranty and no service. If you are considering a new one, read the warranty and make sure you can live with the terms. I sure couldn't;

    4) My guess is that the reviews represent how those bikes act when ridden according to the warranty limitations which is, as it reads, for general occasional transportation only. This means that they are for street use... another reason you don't need suspension;

    5) Suspension is NOT for comfort. It is to keep the wheels on the ground for better handling. If you are riding "gently" there is NO reason for ANY suspension.

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  • Tim
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    7 years ago

    I think the only cycling a walmart bike is good for is REcycling. After all if Walmart made an airplane would you fly in it?

    A decent full suspension bicycle is going to start at $1,200 and high end one will run over $10,000. How do you think Walmart is able to sell them for $60, 95% cheaper than even an entry level full suspension bike?

    They do it by using the cheapest crappiest parts available. It doesn't matter if you are gentle or not. Most people that are serious about biking that buy one of these end up throwing it out after a season and getting a better bike.

    Save your money. Just buy a decent bike to start with instead of buying a piece of crap first.

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  • 7 years ago

    Wally World sells "bicycle shaped objects" in the TOY Dept.

    Now if a truly good full suspension bike starts OVER $1,000 - what kind of quality do you expect for under $100?

    You will not ride down the road on a cheap full squish bike - you'll B-O-U-N-C-E down the road. That is - until the bike literally falls apart.

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  • 7 years ago

    In my new road bike I paid $800 and to date got over 5,000 miles. That comes to about a nickel a mile.

    In my older bike (1989) I paid $350 and got more than 10,000 miles. That makes it only 3 and a half cents per mile.

    That is cheap!!! Try that with a toy bike from W*

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  • John M
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    7 years ago

    They all suck save your money.

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