Could Kevin Garnett, Paul Pearce, and Jason Terry play for Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs?

With the potential deal between The Boston Celtics and the Los Angles Clippers being on "no go",

could Kevin Garnett, Paul Pearce, and Jason Terry play for Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs?

Consider this trade scenario:C Tiago Splitter, F/C Boris Diaw, SG Danny Green, PG Patty Mills, and PF Aron Baynes to the Boston Celtics for F/C Kevin Garnett, F Paul Pearce, and Jason Terry.

This could be a good trade on both sides, if and only if KG would be able to depart from Doc Rivers. It would give the Spurs a chance to 1) pair Tim Duncan w/ another big man in Kevin Garnett, 2) Paul Perace can put Kawhi Leonard under his wing at SF, and 3) Jason Terry could backup Tony Parker at PG.

For the Celtics, the possibility of putting -SF Jeff Green, -SG Danny Green, and -PG Rajon Rondo together in Boston would be a dangerous back court. Tiago Splitter and Fab Melo can share the Center position. PG Patty Mills would be a good addition to the Celtics. Jared Sullinger and Boris Diaw could also share the PF position. The Celtics could use PF Brando Bass and SG Courtney Lee as trading chips to get another key player.

The Spurs could use SG Manu Ginobili's pending retirement as a benefit to get potential free agents like SG's Vince Carter and Richard Hamilton; C's Robin Lopez or Samuel Dalembert; and SF Mikeal Pietrus.

Imagine this line up for the San Antonio Spurs:

- Centers: Kevin Garnett - Robin Lopez (or) Samuel Dalemport - DeJuan Blair

- Power Forwards: Tim Duncan - Matt Bonner - 2014 3rd Round Draft Pick

- Small Forward: Paul Pearce - Kawhi Leonard - Mickeal Pietrus

- Shooting Guard: Vince Carter - Richard Hamilton- Tracy McGrady

- Point Guard: Tony Parker - Jason Terry - Gary Neal

Would the Spurs w/ this line be a contender in 2014? I know Duncan and KG has had diffrences in the past, but they are in their 30's and I am sure Coach Pop can work w/ both playes on playing together. Sorry for the long question.

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  • 7 years ago
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    There's still a chance that the Clippers - Celtics deal could go on if they're clever with it and adjust it.

    I just can't see KG and Timmy on the same team and working. Paul Pierce could be at SF and put Kawhi at his natural position which would be a nice idea. The Spurs getting rid of their cheerleader, Patty Mills would be a good benefit. Idk about Danny Green, he has a spot in this league for the future, just like Kawhi Leonard. The Spurs only have about 3 or 4 people that can really shoot the 3 well, so JT would be a good addition because they do need a backup PG. The whole finals, wasn't Parker the only official PG playing?

    Celtics wise, getting Danny Green and Splitter would be a good move. Diaw would bring some D, but that's about it. They would overall be younger and just like my Cavs, ready for a future.

    I believe Manu will retire, if he does I think they should go for a 2 position, since JT would be backup PG and Danny Green is gone.. Rip would be a good choice, for experience and tutoring. He can still shoot the ball also.

  • Ocho
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    7 years ago

    I like the deal then after a year or two all of them will retire and the spurs will be so f*cked

  • The
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    7 years ago

    Why the hell would the clippers take that deal? Boston would be getting screwed over!

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