anybody been to los cristianos in Tenerife?

Im going to los cristianos in south Tenerife at the end of July, this will be my first time abroad and flying!

I just wanted to know does anyone know how many hours it takes to get there on plane? isit nice there and is there stuff to do there? what will the weather be like at the end of july? I know so many questions aha!

thankyou :)

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Right, Tenerife is lovely island and Los Cristianos is the best part of it. Flight from the UK just over four hours and there is plenty to do every single day. Here is the Top 10 of Tenerife:

    And the weather, hotter than in the UK and sunny everyday. Enjoy the sun.

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  • dalip
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    definite, it quite is an exceptionally beneficial place from what i could see on google maps. In Tenerife, the south is unquestionably dry, boring, moon kratar like and only greater healthful for the "bake and booze" tourist. The north, besides the shown fact it quite is alluring, green, much less croweded, an unique place. you will locate your vegetation (gum wood, etc) in extensive variations interior the park. do no longer pass over El Teide. Have an exceptionally good trip :)

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