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What was the reason why the United Nations did not interfere with the East Timor genocide by the Indonesians?

why didn't the UN stop the genocide during 1975? and i heard about united states being the supplier of weapons for indonesia...? what was really the main reason and the other minor reasons.

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    i would to tell you something, in 1975 east timor affiliate with indonesia. in 1978-1989 indonesia did a enormous development in east timor, indonesia had to do that because east timor was veryyy poor at that time (colonized by portuguese), but after the enormous development in east timor had done the east timor wanted to separated from indonesia and it made Seoharto (president at that time) extremly angry.

    ---first reason is :United Nation didn't do anything at that time, because Australia had already invasion east timor to support the east timor (altough east timor is still the part of indonesia) indonesia feel bad about australia's decision, because the east timor is still the part of indonesia. so indonesia sent army to east timor to guard NOT to kill the separatist

    ----second reason is : a lot of east timor peopel didn't agree, they had to separate from indonesia, in the middle of demonstration the people who anti separatist attack the separatist, in that incident the australian soldier was included, so indonesia had to warn the aus soldier. So actually Indonesian soldier didn't do the genocide.

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