Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander (10pts)?

I heard he was shot, stabbed, and throat cut. but wouldn't he have died after any of those happened? Or was he tortured?

Any other info would be great! Thank you

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  • Dirk
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    8 years ago
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    Well it was determined by the medical examiner the he was stabbed, throat cut, then shot. So if in deed it happened in that order he would have suffered as he bleed out from the stabbing. So yes, you could call that torture. Ever hear of over-kill? Well that is what Jodi did, she over-killed him. The movie called Jodi Arias-Dirty Little Secrets just aired tonight on the LifeTime network. It is going to replay again tomarrow, if you get that station you should check it out as it has more info.

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