It's ok for Comediansto use the N work but when Paula dean sais it she gets kicked off ?

I don't under stand this world god for bit if a white women or man uses the N word we get in trouble. Mean while other races can say it almost every where and every day. It does not make sense that they fired Paula dean for no reason.

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    7 years ago
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    Dan I'm white male who was raised by parents who taught their kids to judge a person on integrity of character and nothing more because there are unscrupulous people in all races. I grew up in an upper middle class neighborhood with black kids whose parents where professional people who could pay a premium to send their kids to private schools. Through elementary school until he passed away 3 yrs. ago my best friend was Black and for those who did not know him they had no idea that he was a millionaire for humility was the by product of his unpretentious nature.

    When the "N" word was turned into common usage by the culture spawned by the rap generation he nor his family thought it appropriate to be used as if it were just slang for 1 important reason, Black people from the "Jim Crow" days who lived, suffered and where degraded by white segregationist in the south and moved from the south to areas where the population was much more educated and sophisticated where they wouldn't be treated as 3rd class citizens found the word derogatory in nature. If you go online and research the maltreatment and violence people of color ( blacks, orientals, mexican and indians) endured before racial prejudice and discrimination was considered to be socially and politically wrong you'd wonder why the USA was known as the "land of the brave and home of the free?"

    If you are good friends in a tight relationship with some Black dudes, they will let you refer to them as, "hey ****** whats up?" but saying "******" is an unaffectionate term to them. Personally I never heard my friend "Buzz" use the word but in anger and I never heard my parents use it so I never did and I learned that the danger in using it is outside of black friends who take no offense to it.

    There are Black people who don't get mad because they consider themselves as Black people and not Negroes or "*******". This word is generated among the " low class" blacks and whites who want to sound hip and be accepted by blacks as "equally cool" even going so far as wearing saggy pants like ghetto youths or middle class raised kids who want to appear as thugs.

    It is an inappropriate term for Comedians other than black to use and networks refrain from it's use because they realize that older blacks don't like it and is acceptable in use within the black community only.

    Basically it refers to a person of low down dubious behavior and I've seen too many "*******" in other races to just commit this word solely to Black people.

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    I'm black and think that no one should use the N word - black or white. I do not use it, nor do I support artists (rap, comedians etc.) who use it. But the reason that Paula Dean got fired isn't because she used the N word in a conversation. According to the deposition, she got fired because:

    1. Her brother was routinely drunk at the workplace and there was no reprimand.

    2. Her brother was looking at porn and SHOWING IT TO OTHER EMPLOYEES and there was no reprimand.

    3. The N word and other racial slurs were routinely used and there was no reprimand.

    4. She herself called other women a piece of p***** and there was no reprimand.

    In a workplace, these kinds of things should not happen without consequences. If your wife, sister, or daughter worked at a company and the boss called her a piece of p****** or showed her porn, and she went to HR but nothing was done, what would that tell you about the company? The deposition detailed these four instances, but we do not know if there were even more. The Food Network is a business. If Paula Dean allowed and condoned of these things under her watch, then a higher authority had to step in and intervene. They were right to fire her. It wasn't just her saying the N word one time, it was a lot more than that.

    Source(s): Deposition of the complaint.
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