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Do people who have aspbergers syndrome?

have a very high IQ?

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  • 7 years ago
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    No, some don't. They are usually somewhere in the average range or slightly below, as well as very high. Like the rest of the population, there are fewer with extremely high IQ's than there are people with average IQ's. Since Asperger's is now being called high functioning autism, then their IQ has to be within the average range or they would not be considered high functioning.

    However, autistic people are often difficult to test because of sensory processing disorders, difficulty with the use of pragmatic language and other disorders related to autism. Many, if not most HFA tend to become obsessed with one or two topics and while they may know every single thing about these topics, they don't test well because they have no interest in anything else. This is one of the hallmarks of HFA.

    I did know an autistic boy a few years ago who had an IQ of 145. He was in all honors classes in high school and was at the top of every subject without studying much. However, he had no interest in any topic but a particular computer game called "Zelda" and he really didn't care about anything else. He also had zero understanding of social behavior and was in trouble so constantly that he had to go to our behavior school because he decided that grabbing girl's body parts was the thing to do. He would not stop, no matter what intervention we did. He will probably live in a group home all of his life unless something changes.

    Source(s): Behavior Analyst
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  • 7 years ago

    Not necessarily. To meet criteria, a person has to have at least average intelligence.

    Source(s): I'm autistic.
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  • 7 years ago

    Some do, some don't.

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